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My poetry wanders.

He floated with clouds and played with the wind.
Soared like a bird and settled like a falling leaf in autumn.
He loved the warmth of sun and the cold breeze of the moonlit night.
And adored looking down the Earth while being close to the stars.

He loved to live.

But a day came, when he cried hard with the clouds
and slowly, he died.

But he will be born again through a dream
and will wander again.

He flies, lives and dies.
This is a collection of each life he had.
This is my poetry.

After a month since posting my poems here, this site seems boring. I can’t live up to my expectation to write at least a poem a month. Argh!

Sometimes, writing poetry is depressing. You get too emotional and it affects how you look at life. Although most often than not, good poems are written when emotions are intense and feelings are profound.

Hmm, so what’s my point?

It’s difficult to write poetry especially in the midst of this busy life.  The fact that I have to go to work everyday and do good in my bread and butter, it only means that I have to be positive in my outlook in life.  So dramas, deep thinking and profound feeling take a backseat in my day.  

Poetry takes a backseat in my life.

But still, at the end of the day, I will still write poetry – when the time is right and the feelings are ripe. We’ll just have to prioritize things, things that we need and things that are dear to us.   

And so make things easier for me and better for this site, I will not only write poetry but also will share some thoughts in my daily life. I will try to write more regarding my interests to make this site not so personal(even though that poems are more personal. Haha).

At least in poetry, you have dig into the my words to denude my deepest feelings!

Oh well, that’s the beauty of poetry: short words, beating around the bush.

So forgive me,

in my spelling and grammar

in my thoughts and opinions,

in the dullness of my words

and numbness of my voice

For I am just a poet –

hiding my dreams in my words.




  1. nice one kimmy..poet k pla..hehe..

  2. hi, good day. i was just reading about this on our local website ‘

  3. nice. 🙂

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