Posted by: kimmuel | 30/05/2011

Truly Rich Club

I am making things happen and taking risky steps to financial freedom.

This is not a review of Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club. I would just state my reasons for joining the club and give my first impression of the club. I just joined the online club last Friday. I guess it’s unfair for the club to be reviewed for just a mere 3 days of membership.

I have been a fan of Bo Sanchez for quite a while now. I have bought some of his books, subscribed to his email blasts and blog, and also attend the weekly Feast in Manila if my work schedule permits. I have already met him in person through a book launch.

It’s been almost two years since the day I have first read one of his books. It’s been a long time.

So this time, I just want to try what he has to offer – not just books. Who knows, maybe being a member would eventually make me truly rich. I would just like to give the club a chance.

Anyways, I have nothing else going in my life. I haven’t done any concrete way to achieve financial freedom, so I think joining the club is a step forward to my goals. This is just about trying and making things happen.

I also believe in habits. The habit of constantly feeding my mind with positive and spiritual thought from the club is a good thing. It would define my mind, my action and my spirituality. Indeed, it would make my mind constantly positive in thought and in attitude. In time, I will turn those thoughts into action.

So what’s the price to pay? P497.00 a month.

It’s not a small amount though. But I am willing to pay the price and the risk. Maybe I’ll give it a year if it is really worth it. I’ll just think that the money I am paying is for a good cause – like a tithe. Well, it’s really is for a good cause. Kerygma is a non-profit organization, so many people are being blessed through their clubs.

I must admit, I have been blessed by this organization for quite a while now, so giving something back should not be an issue at all.

Based on my three days of being a member, they have given me 1 audio seminar in MP3, 3 E-books, daily food for thought and financial advise/stock update. That’s all for the price of 497 pesos. Not bad at all.

This will be the start of my journey to financial freedom. I expect this experience to be long, full of road blocks and frustrations but I will prevail.

God bless me.

FYI: If you’d like to also join the club, you can click the following link:

There’s a ton of info about the club in that link. Also, by using the above link to join the club, I would also earn money from your monthly club subscription fee if ever you’d join.

You could bless me in return if ever I have blessed you. 🙂

Yeah! God Bless!



  1. wow! balak mo bang mag invest sa stocks? may alam ako konti dun, konti lang ha, medyo related kasi dun yung work ko. nakaka nose bleed pag aralan sa umpisa, pero pag na explain naman ng maayos, maiintindihan na rin.

    • yep, naumpisahan ko na 🙂

  2. Happy investing, Kimmuel. 🙂

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