Posted by: kimmuel | 24/06/2010

Cheesy Time

It’s funny that I’m posting this video in my blog. Haha! So Cheesy! I just can’t have enough of this! It’s like Romeo and Juliet in the height of their love. I love the scene at the start of the video, when Tuesday smiles ( or giggles) before saying her promise of love, this is like a testament of people who are so much in-love. Hay.. beautiful people, great time in their life. And I love the music! nice! nice!

This video actually inspired my sister who is going marry her longtime boyfriend this October to write her own marriage vow. Hmm, I’m  inspired to write my own promise of love. Haha! But I guess It better to write with the real feeling inspired by my onetruelove. 🙂

Okay, as usual, I will wait until my feet brought me to her.


Enough with the cheesyness. 🙂





  1. hmmm… kimmy you envy them… hahaha but i am not, dont think about this yet kimmy we are still young…

    • yep yep. i know. haha

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