Posted by: kimmuel | 04/05/2011

Her name is April.

This April 2011 is the real love month.

I have a lots of friends who have issues with love this month. There are breakups, ligawan, cheesy gifts, hopeless romantics and a lot more. It’s really not a bad thing tough, I just can’t keep my self unaffected. Haha! Look at my previous post!

Of course, I do think about love, and I think about us. 🙂

Seriously, I get affected by living around these people who are in love.

Could this be a sign?!

Nah. I’d rather take my time and let things go. Last time, I was such a fool to be swooned by that stupid cupid. Rushed things. Unable to think twice and wise.

And the result was not good.

Wise men say, only fools rush in.

This line from a song is so true. It’s like betting in a stock in the stock market without studying the financials. Big gamble. Big risk. Not a good move.

But sometimes, luck plays in and you win big time.

Still, I’d rather stick with the basics.

Below is the video that inspired my previous post. He has a good checklist but I think mine is better. Hehe.

Ciao Marco!


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