Posted by: kimmuel | 27/06/2011

read between the lines

There are no failures, only lessons.

These past weeks, I’ve been reading the book: How to Conquer Your Goliaths by Bo Sanchez. I just learned a lot.

I’ve been trying to conquer my Goliaths these past few weeks but still failed – again and again. Still, I would still keep fighting until I succeed. There’s no success if there are no failures. Try and try again. My true failure is giving up.

Like David before hitting mighty Goliath through his sling, he did not pick up one stone, he picked up five stones. Battles could be long, with ups and downs so he readied himself to fail.

I should too.

In this day, my challenges are restated and modified. Additional tithes would be changed to physical exercises. Hehe! I need to exercise! I don’t like to be drained financially.

I should admit, this post is a big excuse.

Well, look at the bright side! Be positive!

God Bless! πŸ™‚



  1. para sa akin di masama ang pagsurrender. alam mo bakit? minsan may mga bagay tayong di talaga natin kayang ihandle at ang magagawa lang natin ay magtiwala… sabi nga “what is important to life is to live to it to the fullest…”

    • Bro, I do agree with you. Sometimes, you have to give up a lot of times to succeed, like in the case of pursuing a carrer that is isn’t really in line with your gifts. You have to quit a lot of times in life and learn to accept things.

      But in my case bro, this is a matter of changing myself by getting rid of the the bad habits. So, I think it is best not to give up.

      Still, case to case basis din yan. Only change is absolute as well as tax? hehe

  2. english pa din ang reply… God has better plans than our plans bro… Kaya nga naging constant ang change eh para unti untiin lang natin.. nangyari na kasi sakin yan. habang patuloy kong pinipilit na baguhin ang sarili ko lalong lumalala kaya ginawa ko inenjoy ko nalang ang life tapos hinayaan kong ang plana ng Diyos ang maghari…. Di nga sabi sa last talk.. Satan will do things na magiging hindrance for you to grow.. wag magpadeceive bro… more faith. more focus to HIM… kaya mo yan.. Don’t give up just relax.. Madadaan yan sa paunti unti…

    • paunti-unti naman bro, 1 month nga lang yung challenges =) (see so far so good post). Yes bro, relaxed naman ako. hehe But I don’t agree with being passive… naniniwala ako na we should make things happen, goal setting, focus on the positive thing you’ve achieved… malakas ang mga alon sa dagat, we should decide to cut those waves for us to cross, kung ndi tatangayin lang tayo sa kung saan. what we sow is what we reap. Ask for His guidance and decide, the power to choose is a gift from God. May your dreams come true, Kimm Sanchez (joke lang!) IMO lang po πŸ™‚

      • Dear brothers, both of you had a good point medyo far-fetched lang ng konti berlim..*kidding

        As it seems, to give up or surrender is not an option for you kimmy because what you have is a fight against your own self, you’re own habits and your own issues. It is something na pag di mo pinaglaban eh wala naman mag uumpisa para sayo…

        Sabi nga ng tita ko dati ” don’t mind the circle of influence, just mind your own controlables.” Di ka dapat maging passive kasi alam mo na may magagawa ka pero di ka din dapat mag stay lang lagi sa reactive zone. Test of character yan, especially if what you’re trying to change is something that’s been there for ages..aha. The good thing about you’re battle is that only God and you knows what it is.

  3. a long journey begins with a single step. I hope this post inspired you or brought out something positive or good. the comments here made us think, and i guess every success begins with a single thought. great convo guys πŸ™‚

    • alam ko na bakit wala ka kanina… nandito ka sa mundo mo…. huling huli sa time. hehehe,,,,

      • haha. nasa bulacan nga me, 1st bday ng pamangkin ko πŸ™‚ hehe

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