Posted by: kimmuel | 14/02/2011

Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011 1:56 AM

I haven’t post anything this month so I am trying to write something before I sleep. Hehe. This will be a busy week for work so it is quite impossible to post something in the coming days, and I’ll be flying to Camsur this friday to attend a convention, then straight back to work after that. So, most likely, I’d have a decent post only at the end of the month but I will try to write now.

It’s love day and I don’t have any date. I usually should feel bad and unloved but I have this weird feeling of contentment. I just feel it’s not the right time to have one. It’s not that there no one out there who’s charming and beautiful enough to catch my eyes and heart.(choosy?!!) There’s really a lot of them and I am meeting more wonderful ladies everyday. I just felt unready. I think I should love myself more first, before loving anyone else.

It’s like filling two empty cups. Before they could feel complete, each cup should be full first,and next is they should overflow… then they need another cup to fill which will be the baby. Hehe. That’s how love should flow ideally.

I am still an empty cup and I am trying to make myself full, but I am enjoying this time of my life. I am patiently waiting for her because great things await for those who are willing to wait. 🙂

But I always have some prospects! I could very well forget this post for them. Haha! We really don’t know how love moves… sometimes it is in mysterious ways 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

May we always remember that we are so much blessed and loved.
God Bless!

2:32 AM



  1. Great things await for those who are willing to wait (i thought you are not waiting coz you’re pursuing? remember the time when you told me that? aha)

    Kidding aside, this is so true and Important things are worth the work and worth the wait…Happy hearts day kimmy…

    • ndi kulang yon majane, waiting to the right time to pursue.. hehe

  2. Your post is to nosebleed.

    Honestly, in terms of posting i really dont read english blog. but because you are my firend, i am willing to read your post. hahaha

    “I think I should love myself more first, before loving anyone else”. this is the 1st thing to do before you really love someone. love yourself and if you are ready to love other people. then go love them.. life is simple. life is to short. continue to love… love… love and love…

    • thanks bro! hehe i write in english to improve kahit papaano.. hehe

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