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I’ve been seeing a lot of ads lately about and was shocked by their promo of earning P50 after just signing up and their verification process.


And since I have a renewed vigor about affiliate marketing, I did some research about topic. Like you, I have the same question: Is it SCAM or LEGIT?

First, let’s have a background check:

  • Founded in 2014 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Ron Hose and Runar Petursson,
  • Southeast Asia’s leading mobile blockchain-enabled platform that enables anyone, including those without bank accounts, to easily access financial services directly from their phone.
  • Using, customers have access to a mobile wallet and services such as remittances, air-time, bill payments, and online shopping at over 100,000 merchants who accept digital currency.
  • Operating in the Philippines and Thailand, Coin’s mission is to increase financial inclusion by delivering financial services directly to people through their mobile phones.

The background seems credible to me.

So maybe, it’s worth a try. Anyways, it’s FREE P50 for just signing up.I signed up, fills in important details and went through the verification process.

And Viola! My account was credited not with P50 but with P60! apparently, additional 10 was for the verification! I think there’s no other promo out there that gives you money for just signing up!


Good thing you can actually use their website or app for many things like:

  • Bills payment
  • Buy load
  • Shop
  • Peso Wallet
  • Bit Coin Wallet
  • Send Remittances

You load your wallet thru 7 Eleven stores and others,  cash out thru Gcash or thru different banks.

Honest tip: I just think it is safer NOT to use your bank account for fund transfers or cash ins. This is because of recent issues in banks related to online transactions.

There are also a lot of rewards!


I earned 60 pesos so it’s LEGIT. I am also actively referring friends because I believe in the product and of course, I’ll also earn P50! Kindly use my link below:

code: 7imgsi

See below videos to know more about

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How to Find Your One True Love?

When I was mending a broken heart, I felt that I was with the wrong person. I had a lot of questions in my mind but the one that lingered the most was:

How will I choose the right one? That question stayed with me until that fateful day that I  went to the mall to make my mind busy and occupied.

During those times, I have to keep my mind busy because it kept on thinking the whereabouts of my ex-girlfriend and how she’s doing with her new lover. The moment when I saw them kissing kept on flashing on my mind and it breaks my heart again and again. It felt like I was going insane.

In the mall, I bought everything that made me feel good and ate delicious meals. I watched movies alone and bought books.

One beautiful day, I picked up a book titled “How to Find One True Love?” by Bo Sanchez. After that, I immersed myself to his teachings and the rest was history.

Today I am now a husband to a wonderful wife and a father to a beautiful daughter  and handsome (like daddy) baby boy.

I am sharing our wedding save the date video.

kimmuel&precious revision.mp4 from Redmediaphoto on Vimeo.

I pray and hope you’ll find you one true love too! Maybe, Bo Sanchez below could help you too! Click the link below.

How to find your one true love? by Bo Sanchez.

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2016 Presidential Elections

This would be my last post about anything related to the coming elections on Monday. I know some of my friends are irritated by my posts, likes and shares for the past weeks. Some did like my post and the information I shared. I do believe I helped some in choosing their candidate.

Why I am not silent?

My personal stand is: am I to stay silent, feel good vibes and pretend that everything is well or stand for the truth?… especially in the midst of moral degeneration where the fundamentally wrong is being accepted as right? Am I to stay mum when I have the opportunity to spread the truth? I remember Jesus drove away the buyers and sellers in the temple. I remember EDSA 1 where priests and nuns took a stand. As an SFC, we chose evangelize rather than spend our precious time and energy to other worldly things. Faith without action is dead.


If you’ll notice based on my posts, I am an Anti-Duterte. Give me Mar, Mirriam, Poe wag lang si Duterte or Binay. I must confess I was a fan of Duterte before, I even defended him last year against office friends,  but after some research and reflection, I did have a 360-degree turn.

Why I am not voting for Duterte? These are my main reasons.

  1. Extra Judicial Killings – This is not definitely not acceptable to be. Some supporters argrue that Duterte never admitted it or he cannot do it or it’s not literal. Huwag na tayong maglokohan, under clear skies he said it literally. Let’s not defend and put other meaning sa sinabi niya. He admitted he’s the DDS, he said his presidency will be bloody and 100,000 will be killed and be floating in Manila bay.He even said he will issue pardons to the police and soldiers, including himself! Some said he cannot do it and yet you believe his ‘political will’?

Extra judicial killings will never be acceptable to me. It is against my faith and the teachings of the Catholic Church. I am a sinner and not perfect, but still what is wrong can never be right to me.

I will vote as a Filipino and a catholic as well.

  1. Duterte ties with NPA – This is not acceptable to me. We don’t need this. We’re doing well as a country and we need just to improve. Some say it would bring peace, but I beg to disagree. Socialism/Communism is an ideology far from our democracy right now so how could we negotiate that? If you watch the video with Duterte talking to CPP NPA leader Sison JM Sison, you’ll hear Sison say we’re “ready for coalition”! Nowhere in the video that they talk about their surrender and giving up the struggle.

Also, Duterte giving revolutionary tax to NPA, shouting “Mabuhay ang NPA!” and allowing hero’s burial for an NPA leader are disgusting. It’s like a smack in the face of the AFP and all the soldiers who died in the hands of the NPA. I’m afraid of a civil war or rebellion if he wins.

  1. I doubt his Integrity and Anti Corrupt Campaign. If you’ll research he’s an ally of GMA, and Bongbong Revilla. I don’t hear any anti corruption campaign that he championed before. There’s also issues on the 11,000 contractual workers issue in Davao audited by COA, I’ve read no acceptable alibi. Lately, the bank accounts. He said many things and then retracted later. He’s not even willing to sign the waiver to see the transaction history. He also has a lot of bank accounts which are suspicious. The SALN is definitely not accurate, a lot of hidden wealth/properties. I cannot also forget the multi-million “happy-happy” and he projects himself as someone who lives a simple life! Don’t forget the gifts of the pastor. A lot of issues!
  1. Peace and Order, Morality and International Relations, Economy, Spratly Island… His peace and order platform is anchored in DDS. He even said the famous “3-6 months”. Based on data, Davao city  is still not a crime free and is even in the top three. You can even rely on that data because there is DDS. That’s the 20-year results so how can I believe the “3-6 months” thing?

This  is becoming a lengthy article so I’ll stop here. I a nutshell, there’s a lot of issues in the Duterte presidency.

So why not Mirriam? GMA ally, Corona verdict, no outstanding performance in executive branch, choice of VP.

Why not Poe? Full of nice words but no track record.

Why not Binay? Corrupt, insane plans, Makati is the business center of the Philippines

Why Mar?

  1. Track record in legislative and executive departments.


RA 8759 – establishing in all municipalities a Public Employment Service Office which serves as employment facilitation and information center, and links all job opportunities within the region;

RA 8748 – amending the Special Economic Zone Act by directly allocating to the municipality or city 2% (out of the 5%) gross tax to be collected from the establishments operating in the ecozone and providing for disturbance compensation for persons to be displaced or evicted by publicly-owned ecozones;

RA 8756 – incentivizing the establishment of regional headquarters to encourage investment and operation of multinational companies in the country and to generate more jobs.

Senate Bill No. 2139, which seeks to lower the cost of medicines by amending the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines

‘Lemon Law’, proper labeling of milk, toys, and food products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and stronger safeguards against pyramiding and other similar scams.

Pre-Need Act of 2005, to improve and strengthen industry regulation and safeguard consumer interest.

Education – Personal Computers for Public Schools (PCPS) Program

Trade – increased market access for Philippine exports

Information Technology – Father of the Call Center and Business Process Outsourcing Industries, ‘Make IT Philippines’ and organized the first IT-enabled services (ITES)

Jobs – reopening of the National Steel Corporation, Garment Export Industry Transformation Plan and Assistance Package, Motor/Vehicle Development Program

MSMEs. – SULONG (SMEs Unified Lending Opportunities for National Growth) Program

Consumer Welfare – Tamang Timbang, Tamang Presyo program, resyong Tama, Gamot Pampamilya, ‘palengkenomics’

I wasn’t able to capture , there are BuBs, Lambat Sibat, his performance in DOTC etc. Definitely, he’s the most accomplished candidate.

  1. Untainted Integrity. Unliquidated funds? Yolanda funds? MRT issues? Over-priced patrol jeeps? All of these allegations are without solid basis. I have read through all these issues and none of it prospered in the proper courts. Take note that there’s no hiding in legalities in these issues.
  1. Economy and the BPO. He’s the best man for the economy. Hands-down. No debates here. The fact that his laws and efforts benefited me and the BPO industry, I have to give back to this man. I give credit where it’s due. There’s a lot of dispute in this accomplishment, but I’ve read a lot of sources that he is indeed the “Father of BPO”.
  1. I’m no Aquino apologist,but I believe that Mar is better than Aquino, track record wise and economy wise. He’s said he would have a clean slate and that’s a plus for me. There’s a lot of tirades to Mar about the current admin but I think we must be fair. He’s accounted for only for the scope of his power – DOTC and DILG. Also, he’s the most bashed candidate, all bashes but not backed up by data, the real story. Let’s give him a fair shake guys. I must admit, his PR team did not do a great job. I see a good and hardworking man in Mar Roxas.

Obviously, there are pros and cons for each candidate, but I cannot ever take extra judicial killings, NPA and integrity issues. Yes, we need change but not the drastic change in the Duterte presidency implies. Philippines is in good track. We just need to improve.

On May 9, we will choose our new president. May we discern well and choose the best candidate.

I’ll look back to this choice in the future, my future children and grandchildren may be able to this and I will always be proud of it. This is my vote… as a good Filipino, a loving father and a devout Catholic.

Mar Roxas is my president. God bless us all!


ps: Please visit 🙂

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I’m back! It’s been a long time since I’ve written something here!


My pencil really needs a sharpening! Well, I’ve been busy with a lot of important things and most of the time, it would be really silly for me to frame my thoughts than to do the more important things. So what’s the difference today?

I had a good rest today and woke up really late in the afternoon so I am still up this late at night. I might as well frame the thoughts in my mind – my beautiful thoughts.

Last year. This year.

Evidently in this blog, I haven’t posted any year-end accomplishments or a simple review of year 2013. I also didn’t write anything about my goals this year ( I have my goals, of course!).

I’ll sum up my 2013 in this word: A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Definitely the happiest year of life yet! It’s all because I found the one, my one and only Babyko! 🙂 Enough said. Okay, I’ll stop right here before I write more cheesy lines! haha!

This year will be the year of ACTION. Yes, I am an action man.  Plans will be put into action. So, How is it so far?

Man, it’s hard. With all the things I am doing, and the plans I have, it’s really pushing me to the limit. Trying times.

Well, first quarter was great, achieving my Real Estate license. Yahoo! The second quarter goals and onwards are still up in the air.

But every time I realize how blessed and loved I am, my spirit is renewed. I have to push, push and P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens).

We must remember to always have faith in Him.

Thank you Father for that reminder.


I am sharing one of my favourite worship song as of late.


PS: I’ll be adding a Real Estate portion in this blog. I’d love to upgrade this blog soon!








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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,900 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 48 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Ikaw ang Aking Huling Tula


Ikaw ang aking huling tula
Ang huling babaeng aalayan
ng mga salitang dumadaloy
Sa aking mga ugat at pabalik
Mula puso kong nagmamahal

Sayo lalagay sa tahimik
Ang aking nag-iisang pluma
Ang panulat kong napupukaw
Sa mga yakap mong tahanan ko
Na pakatapos ng isang araw
sayong piling  ako’y magpapahinga
Tanging uwian ng aking kamalayan

Ikaw ang aking huling tula
Ang dulo ng aking pila
Ang huling kabanata ng aking libro
Ang tuktok ang bundok apo
Ang marianas ng karagatan
Ang hangganan ng walang hanggan

Sayo lamang iaalay
Ang mga panaginip na sinulat
Pagkagising at ang mga pangarap
bago dalawin ng antok

Ikaw ang aking huling tula
Ang tuldok sa linyang
Walang hangganan

May 1, 2013 811PM – Nov. 28, 2013 3:23 PM

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I Think I’m Getting Old

It’s been months since I posted something here. Welcome back myself! 🙂

I just wanted to frame these thoughts tonight.

I think I’m getting too serious lately. I don’t know exactly why but I think am really getting too serious about life and in my service particularly. There could be a lot of reasons, one could be the responsibilities I have, another is that I like to do things well and pressure myself. I now look on what must be done, what’s wrong with the situation and is everything is okay.

I really miss the old days when all I do is to crack jokes and tease people’s on their love life.

Maybe I should take things lightly and just enjoy the ride, find more positive things in situations and just trust Him in everything.  I need to smile more, regularly crack jokes and just take it easy.

Of course i know all of these, nakakakalimutan ko lang. 🙂

It’s be a wonderful weekend of service. May we bring back all the glory to you our Lord, my God.


Yes! i am move-move-moved by God!

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Happy 4th :)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you for the love. We’ll make more forever memories!

Iloveyousomuch ❤

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I am the Moon












I am the moon that shines
even in your darkest night
the jewel in the ceiling
of stars shining bright

and from the window
my love, gaze at me
with those beautiful round eyes
find me, in the romantic night-sky

if you’ll see me
like the Arabian crescent
imagine that I’m smiling at you
while half-moon is like
when I’m laughing
at your silly jokes
loving your humor
and full moon means
the fullness of my love –
giving you all my heart

cloudy skies may hide me
and stormy nights conceal
but I will never leave you, my love
just touch your heart, and feel
our happy radiant mornings

I am the moon
and like the Earth
you are the center of my world
and we, both revolve
wonderfully, in one Sun
in this beautiful universe

so when I am not with you
remember me through the moon
and like its embracing light
I’m longing to hug you so tight



053013 1214 – 071813 0811

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1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Did you miss me? Hehe.

It’s been almost 4 months since my last post here and maybe some of my followers here are wondering why I haven’t posted anything for these past months. Well, apologies for that. I know that part of my new year’s resolution is writing at least one decent article every month and I miserably failed…

However, I am not, in anyway, sad about that. 🙂

Let’s just say I been busy with more important aspects in life. Yes, this site, my dreamland, has been my companion for years and it is where I write my dreams and the wanderings of my mind. But there are times in your life that wide-awake dreams has lesser meaning, times when reality is more meaningful, times when we appreciate more the raw beauty of reality than our superficial make-beliefs.

I have that kind of “time” right now.

Sorry for the cheesy words but I am truly, madly, deeply in love right now. ❤

I know you guys are my friends and would understand if I miss a lot of posts right? 🙂

Yeah, it’s been more than 3 years since my ex-girlfriend broke up with me. It’s been quite a hell of a journey. My road to a new love was an uphill ride. In hindsight, I feel that everything just fell into their places and I now see the past like there’s really a reason for everything under heaven.

Ecclesiaates 3:1

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

It was not an easy journey and I can now say that every bit of of my shattered and broken heart, every tears cried, failures, loneliness, waiting were all worth it. I am willing to go through it all, over and over again when I know she is there waiting at the end of the road.

“Love is patient. love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails…”

And now, as I read 1st Corinthians 13:4-8, every word smells like the aroma of brewed coffee in a romantic morning. Reading the biblical meaning of love feels like how the sun rises in the morning in every retreat I’ve attended and its message tastes good in my heart,  just like how her smile brightens my gloomy day. Every word is alive and its real meaning radiates in my heart and I can feel every word as if it was my first time reading the verses.

Centuries old words, with a renewed meaning, with a deeper essence.

Indeed, I am in cloud-nine. 🙂


Few years back, I’ve posted this letter to my future girlfriend and it’s really nice to know that I’ve finally found her.

“Dear Future Girlfriend,

I’ve been keeping myself sane in finding you in every lady I’ve been meeting. Yes, a lot of them are nice and beautiful in their own right, but I can’t seem to find you in them yet. I just want you to know that I’ve been having a hard time in finding you. But I know, it will all be worth it in the end. I am looking forward in meeting you.

Hoping to see you soon,
Your Future Boyfriend”

This post is the start of new kind of articles here. I’ll post not only my dreams and the “usual” wanderings of my mind, but also a facet of my heart, where the beautiful and wonderful reality of love dwells.

So I look forward for more post about my love life here and the love-of-my-life.

Anyway, life is about love.

Let’s celebrate love, let’s celebrate the wonderful blessing of life.

Thank you Father!


“New Journey to Dreamland”                                                                               -Precious (aka Babyko ^_^) – my God’s gift and Me

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Valentines III

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It’s almost 2am and I’m still up. I just had a midterm exam in International Finance earlier in the evening. The exam was really hard given that it’s open notes and open books. For the past few days, I’ve dedicated my nights reviewing the coverage for the exam (daw!). Well, I think I could pass the exam but not with flying colors. I’m contented with my performance though. Haha! Anyways, this post is not about school-life but about love-life.

So let’s get it on.

For the past 2 years, I’ve been posting about my Valentine’s day experience. Nothing really notable about those past 2 years except for the loser fact that we were reviewing for an exam during Valentine’s day last year! Also, for the past two years, my Valentine’s day post were published during love month – February. However, this time, I am publishing this post only today – March 5, 2013! This is really so late!

Well,I been busy with a lot lately and of course, busy during V-day. I’ve been busy with tapings, recordings, shootings, concert with my fans and more! (just joking haha!).

All I can say is that I am happy and glad to spend my V-day 🙂 This has been the most special Valentine’s day eveeer. It’ll definitely leave a great, funny and cute memory in my mind. I am looking forward for next year’s Valentines post. Ano kayang mga mangyayari? 🙂

Except for the new page I created for Truly Rich Club, I did not have any post for February. It seems that I’ve been in trance in blogging. I’m on a hiatus in writing my happenings, plans and dreams. The fact is, I am busy doing a lot of things, making my days really productive.

Maybe, the reason why I’m not into blogging lately is that my big and grandeur dreams are less meaningful compared to simple things in reality. Sometimes, a simple gesture, a simple conversation or a small time spending together in reality are far more important than those beautiful dreams and make-beliefs.

Yes, there is beauty in truth and reality.

Happy Valentines day! We are so much loved. Thank you Father!

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Memories. I’ve been talking and hearing a lot about this topic lately. Yes,memories are wonderful and beautiful. It’s something that’s already a part of who we are. Some of those memories, we choose to forget while holding some tightly. Others, however, have lost to eternity by themselves while some, still lingers to our mind even we wanted them out badly.

Memories. They’re beautiful. I just choose to retain those beautiful moments while forget those that are not. I guess life is like that, let go of those negative things, cherish those positive things and move forward.

So, let’s just enjoy each moment of our lives and create more wonderful and beautiful memories. Well, life is about relationships and our memories remind us of those relationships.

I hope we could someday look back in our lives, smile and say, “What a wonderful gift of life I had. Thank you Father.”

Let’s enjoy each moment of our lives.

What a wonderful world. ❤


This week has been a roller coaster ride for me. There were a lot of surprises! There were events that were amazing enough to make you smile all by yourself and wander to dreamland. Enough of that silly lines! haha! However, there were big decisions done and choices to make. I really hope I chose the right path.

Taking Chances

“Hindi mo malalalaman kung hindi mo susubukan.” “Hindi ka mananalo kung hindi ka tataya.”

The above statements are reminders of taking risks. I am mastering Financial Engineering at grad school so I must be familiar with the risk that every investment has. The question is how much the investor is willing to take? In Portfolio Management we have that optimum portfolio that has right risk for the right return. Don’t forget the BASEL III in Risk Management which was created as safeguards to bankruptcy and prevention of a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis. So, why am I discussing this? Wala lang. Haha. I just want to emphasize that I am familiar with risks.

But I have some decisions that are seems too risky but I am willing to take. All in! I’m just not looking at that perspective. Take chances. 🙂

Loving Yourself

Yes, taking chances is good but not always-slash-all the time. You also have to consider yourself – if you’ll able to meet the goals without sacrificing health, time, work-life balance or even happiness. Recently, I made that kind of decision. I know that I could lose that opportunity. I just knew it was not the right time to take that path. I am hopeful that the opportunity knocks on my door again next year. For now, I’ll focus on the things at my hand and remember to love myself. Thank you for that someone who reminded me of that. 🙂

Living in the Moment

Enjoying every moment of your life is really ideal. However, there are times you have to choose what is important and what are the things you are willing to give up. Yes, there are sacrifices at stake in life and you have to choose. The question is, would those sacrifices make you happy and live in the moment as well as the people in your life? Would God be happy seeing you like that? Time is one of the most important things you have. It is something you cannot take back. We all don’t want to waste time. We all want to savor the moment and enjoy the ride. Something of too much is bad. 🙂

At the end of the day, we make our own choices in life. The future is ours to take so let’s take charge of our future and destiny.

Well, I decided to be on the right balance of things. I decided to give up some things and held some. As I have said to a dear friend, “learn and appreciate the past, target good goals for the future and live and enjoy the present. 🙂

Let’s live to the fullest. we only have one shot to life.
Life is a gift.

I posted this MV again! LSS!

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New Year’s Resolution 2013

It’s only just 3 hours before 2013. A lot of my blogger friends have already posted their new year’s resolutions or bucket list for next year. I don’t like to postpone this post so I’ll try to finish mine before the year ends. So here we go, goals for next year! ( I am calling this “goals” so that it’s more positive in the sense that I am not spilling my beans here.. hehe)


1. Finish my course work in graduate school. I have few units left to finish course work and I could possibly finish it within 2 terms. I’ll have another extra term as a buffer. After this year, I’ll plan to take the comprehensive exam and thesis. Aja!

2. Loving myself more. It’s not that I don’t love myself but what I mean is I have more effort to take care of myself. I have several sub-goals:

a. Sleeping Early. I’ve been sleeping late for the past month and I know it’s not a good habit. Haha! I’ll try to sleep early more often. I’ll sleep more hours next year! I love sleeping!

b. Hit the gym and play basketball or any sport often. I’ll try to enroll in a gym this year and have a regular night of basketball or any sport weekly. I’ll build more muscles and erase that bulging tummy.

c. I’ll spend more for my health like supplements, vitamins, etc.. Haha. I need to live long for my wife and children (future tense).

d.  I’ll spend more for myself like clothing, gadgets etc. Haha! Not that I’ll be changing that mindset of being thrifty… I just give myself more rewards. I’ll enjoy life more and the fruits of my labor. I’ll always find the right balance.

e. Eat healthy and less soft drinks (Sundays only). I’ll also will abandon drinking alcoholic drink for a very good reason. 🙂

3. Write an article at least twice a month. I’ve said this before and failed again and again. Next year, I’ll really set a time every two weeks. I guess it wouldn’t be hard to write if you have an inspiration. 🙂

4.  Participate in the family business and have my own business. I’ll actively participate in our family business and build my own this year. With the help of my dad, I had a small business this year but later on closed its operation for some reason. We’ll try again next time.

5. Being a day trader and regularly save and continue tithing. This year, because of schooling and other things, I did not save that much. The culprit is that I have no plan to save more. At the start of the year, I’ll have a concrete plan. I really do not plan to save a lot but just to have more savings compared this year.

I’ll try to apply what I’ve learned in school and be a day trader. Of course, I’ll have my strategy. Exciting! I’ll device a system to have more tithes for SFC. 🙂

6. Career. I’ll have big decisions regarding my career at the end of this year. It will be my fifth year as an employee. Time to move on and chase greater challenges? We’ll see. I should do a better job this year. I was not so happy with my 2012 performance although I received a recognition last 2nd quarter. Also, I’ll be at the office on time! More discipline and better attitude at work!

7. More Family time. I’ll spend more time with the family more this year. I’ll at least spend one weekend in Bulacan once per month.

8. Focused service. I’ll focus more on my responsibilities this year. I think I have to give up some events for family time or personal time. Let’s focus doing things great than doing a lot of thing just good enough. I’ll continue enriching my mind with His word, have a longer and more regular prayer time. Faith without action is dead.

9.One true love. I will find you and make more effort to know you. I am committed. See you soon! haha! (Of course, in God perfect time) Patience is a virtue.

10. Habit, systems and attitude. I’ll develop these aspects of my life! Maintain a more organize planner, alarm clock and calendar of events! I will smile  more. 🙂

11. Out of the country vacation! 🙂

12. Learn to fire a gun! ( at the firing range of course!)

13. Learn table tennis 🙂

14. Learn to Surf!

15. Attend ICON and MMC!

16. Learn BASIC guitar lessons.

17. Learn singing and dancing ( at a good/decent level).


I think this is enough. Haha! I hope I could achieve all of this! Whew! i have a lot to achieve. I think it’s better to set high goals so that when I fail, I’ll fall in the roof. 🙂

Happy New Year! We are so much-loved.

Welcome 2013!

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Challenging 2012

Challenging – this how I describe my 2012. Actually, that’s the first adjective I thought of when I asked myself what 2012 had been for me. Yes, it all began with a challenge.

January-March 2012

The year started with my 2nd term in my graduate school life. I took some heavy subjects and went to full load for a part-time student. It was quite a struggle for me but all went well in the end. Balancing work, school, family and service is quite hard really. Especially in a time when your just adjusting to the new horizons in your life. I actually went to SFC International Conference 2012 last February all stressed out. It was a time for me to have a break with all the busyness. On the other hand, I remember spending sleepless night with my DLSU friends for group work and reports. Haha. There was a time we did not sleep for a report and it’s a good thing that the presentation went well. We were really challenged that night.

Also, during the start of the year, it was a challenge to spearhead the Prison Ministry of our chapter and tried to revitalize the service with the help of my Mission Ministry heads and my SFC friends. It was like a turning point in my service life, where I was deeply humbled and realized that I am so much blessed and loved. At the same time, it was a challenge to lead a service that was something new to me.  Thanks to the Prison Ministry Core team, we did a good job.

I missed the SFC Team building because of conflict in schedule with my Grandmother’s birthday. I hope I could join next time. In the office life, I was finally given an office laptop together with more work, work and work. Call that being blessed!

April-June 2012

There were a number of times I did not I accept the challenge in front of me. There were dilemma and fears. But still, I don’t regret my choices in those times because I just followed my heart and my discernment. I think those were good choices. God has always given us the wisdom to choose. What’s important is our commitment to the choices we took. There would be a time and a reason for everything under heaven.

This time of the year is not only about the dilemmas, there we great blessings too! Like Nica’s 2nd birthday and I had good performance at work. School work was getting manageable in this period of the year maybe because I was really getting used to it. Also, Mission activities in SFC were at high and I was loving it. It’s like faith working and moving. As a bible verse says, faith without work is dead.

July – September 2012

When it rains, it pours. This quarter of the year was full of blessings and challenges. Let’s start with the blessings. In this quarter I was given a recognition at work for a good performance for the previous quarter.  Also, in my graduate school life, I completed the my 1st year which means the completion of a diploma in Financial Engineering. I was so happy to finally complete that after all the hard work and sleepless nights. Finally, I am achieving something and something is happening in my life. There’s another line I could indicate in my Education section of my resume.

I had another break from all the stress with the MMC Lucena 2012! I actually felt so sick mixed with lack of sleep before going to Lucena. The event really poured healing to me and revitalized me.

On the other hand, there were new challenges. I was anointed and appointed as a new Unit Head in Singles for Christ which means that I have new responsibilities that are larger in scale than my previous post. I accepted the challenge with a happy heart, faith and trust in Him. Also, when one of our leaders mentioned that if I could be a the next Team Head for the next Christian Life Program, I did not hesitate to take the job because I felt it was the right time to finally say  yes to the service.

So we started with a bang! Met with the team, planned and did our best for the service. We did some gimmicks and faithfully gave flyers every thursday. During September in our the first four talks, attendance was great. We made the room full. We were so blessed to be an instrument of God.

October – December 2012

Let’s start with the negative side first. My first business failed to run smoothly after some months because of legal issues. Maybe it was not the right time. We could do nothing about it and it would be costly to go to court. I am still positive in owning a business though.

My fourth term in graduate school felt the lightest load ever. I wanted to have some break or some rest in school and the last quarter of the year gave me just that.

On the other hand, in service, there were pressures, failures and challenges. The weather is not really cooperating with us and we had a hard time maintaining the original number of participants. A lot of events were going on in SFC and the parish so we had to adjust and make things work, of course with faith in Him. Praise God we did a good job and had a good number of graduates. I also think that we had given them a good service in their CLP. I would admit that there were some things we could have done better but we have to look at the brighter side of things and take the lessons that comes with all the experience. I feel that the we made God proud. Thanks to the CLP Core Team and the whole chapter for a great CLP journey. I also won King of the Night and Mr. Fasionista in our CLP Lord’s day celebration and SFC Chapter Christmas party. So blessed! Hehe 🙂

In my office life, I won a Macbook  Air – our company’s Christmas party raffle grand prize! I actually prayed for it before my name was called in the raffle. I felt it was really for me and He gave it to me as a gift after all of my service this year. And of course, the faithful tithe giving! What a great reward! I am typing this blog post using my Mac. Hehe!

Well, we should not forget the my personal life. Haha! Last quarter of the year, I finally was able to get to know more about my big crush. We shared some stories, late night chats, some secrets and good friendship. It’s been almost been a year since I had a crush on her.  Each day that passes is a chance get to know her more. The more I discover things about her, the more beautiful and wonderful of a woman she becomes in my eyes. I really like her. However, there were some challenges and risk to take and I willingly took them. I know that it would be always be worth it.  Life is beautiful! 🙂

I am ending the year with a happy and grateful heart. Thank you God for all the blessings, guidance and love. I feel so much loved and cared for. I sometimes think that I am one of His a favorite children.. hehe. Thank You and I love You!

Let’s all look forward for another wonderful year, with hope, faith and love!


I love this pic! Yes, I am a gentleman and will always be.

PS: I am postponing my new years resolutions post, I have to sleep now. It’s already 430am. Hehe!

Goodnight! 🙂

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Love is a four-letter word



Love is a four-letter word. Well, this post is not about love per se, but rather about a product of love.

This article is about Rafael, my newest nephew, son of my sister Kristine. I have posted articles about my “pamangkins” here so it wouldn’t be fair  enough for “Paeng” or “Baby Boy” to miss a post for him. I just hope he could read this post when He’s old enough to read in the future. And when that happens, he’ll realize that his uncle loves him and that his uncle is a sweet, loving and good man. haha 🙂

I have so many “debt” to baby Paeng. I missed to visit him and pay tribute to him ( He’s the newest prince in our royalty ) when he arrived in this world. I just had too much in my hand that I failed a visit in the hospital. Also, I wasn’t able to spend time  with him that much unlike Nica and Kristoff. I’m just too busy every weekend to be able to go home in Bulacan. I have the same excuses. Haha. Anyways, I have paid my dues through my gifts this Christmas. Good thing I did not missed his Christening. Whew. I may miss some important events in his life but I’ll always be here for him. I love him like Nica and Kristoff. It’s kind of love that’s like duplicated itself through my love for their mothers. It’s looks like we’re going deep here. 🙂

He’s so cute! (like his tito-ninong). He stares at you and seems like thinking always. His smile is so cute (may pinagmanahan.. ehem). He’s the male version of my 2nd sister. Life is surprising and wonderful. Who would imagine a male version of my sister and how would he look like? Whenever I see him, it’s kinda cool because I see my sister- male version. Fasinating! God is really creative! By the way, Kristoff is almost an exact  junior version of his father. Nica is also a version of my 2nd sister except that she’s darker in complexion. While me, I don’t know my version. Haha! Maybe a mixed version from my maternal side of the family. 🙂

I can’t help but imagine if I would have a female version or at least a junior version. Haha. Deep inside me I long for that because I knew up like the odd in the group. Haha. But I have long accepted that fact and I am happy with that.

Lately, RH bill has been passed in the Congress. Sooner or later it will be a law. So sad that the mindset, mentality and morality of my beloved nation would soon be changed, not for the better but for the opposite. We would not see life as a gift but a burden.

I am still optimistic for the future, not for myself alone but for the Nicas, Kristoff and Paengs of the future.

I’d like to share some pics with my cute nephew. 🙂


564844_504598812892972_761424679_n 281541_504603019559218_425562451_n


Life is beautiful. 🙂

Love is a four-letter word is the title of the album of Jason Mraz I am listening right now. 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Yakapin Mo Ako Pag-ibig











Yakapin mo ako pag-ibig
at sa aking mga bisig
sumandal ka at mahimlay
at babalutin kita ng pagmamahal

Yakapin mo ako pag-ibig
at sa gitna ng himig ng hangin
ihehele ko ang mga tinig
na galing sa kailaliman
ng aking pusong umaawit

sa liwanag ng mga bituin sa langit
sasabihin ko ang mga salitang
mas malambing pa sa simoy ng amihan
papawiin ko ang mga ulap-ulan
at ang mga bumabagabag sa iyong kalooban

Hayaang mong awitan kita
hindi ng aking mga tinig
kun’di ng mga duyan ng paglambing
ipapadama ko sa iyo
ang pinakamatatamis na pakiramdam
bubusugin kita ng pagmamahal

yakapin mo ako pag-ibig
at hahagkan din kita ng mahigpit
hanggang sa maramdaman mo
ang pugon ng aking pusong
nag-aalab para sayo

yakapin mo ako pag-ibig
kailan ma’y hindi isang utos
kun’di isang pagsamo
mula sa isang damdaming
patuloy na nahuhulog sayo

Yakapin mo ako pag-ibig
kung sakali lamang
na iyong nais
kung iyo ding ibig.


06/12/2012 1122

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Hanggang Maubos ang Pag-ibig

Hanggang Maubos ang Pag-ibig
para kay Jana

Iiyak mo lang ang mga gabi
na naalala mo siya
ihagulgol mo ang bawat hapdi
ng mga sayang na alaala

ibuhos mo ang galit
dahil sa mga oras na nasayang
sa mga salitang lumipad nang walang kahulugan
at sa mga alaalang, alaala na lamang

Kung ang rosas ay pag-ibig
durugin mo ito sa palad mo
ramdamin mo ang bawat tinik
na pumupinit sa balat, hanggang
magdugo, magsugat at mamanhid

hanggang maubos ang pag-ibig.

At kapag naubos na ang mga luha
tumigil na sa pagdurugo ang mga sugat-
sumara at unti-unting naghilom
at kapag napagod ka na sa lahat ng ito

Ngumiti ka
kasi gusto kong makita
ang liwagnag mula iyong mukha
ang mga bituin sa sa iyong mga ngiti
at ang anghel sa aking mga panaginip

pero paki-usap lamang
pagbigyan mo ang sarili
na umibig muli

magmahal ka
hanggang sa malubos mo
ang pag-ibig.

301012 0132

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Patience is a Virtue

If last month is about “hindi ko mamadaliin”,  this month’s post is about the same theme – patience.

For the past few weeks, things seem to go out of my way. There are instances that test how long is my “pisi”. I wouldn’t like to dwell on negative things so I would never go into details here.  But of course, I am a good friend so I’ll give some concrete barriers este examples.

Cornerstone. Last last week, I had my first experience to be a “Cornerstone volunteer”.  By the way, for the benefit of my millions of readers around the world (take note MILLIONS) who are not  members of Singles for Christ, Cornerstone is  a program of SFC to teach children how to read and write primarily in English language as well as values formation. I hope I got that right. haha!

So it was a nice experience. I remember sharing my experience to the regular volunteers that it was like practicing to be a good father. Yeah, like an OJT session on teaching your child his school lessons. It was nice because it was learning experience for me too and it did test my patience.

It tested my patience in teaching the letters of the alphabet and its sounds. The name of my student is Jonathan. I was just a substitute tutor but I really tried hard to get the child’s attention and make those letters sit in his head. It really tested my patience because he’s not that attentive and focused. I feel like he wanted to run and play around. Honestly, I think I was able to get his attention and managed to make him memorized all the letters in his flash cards – at least at that moment. Haha!

Life is about relationships. Having an impact to the lives of  these children is really a great privilege. Cornerstone is somewhat similar to the Prison service, we are helping poor – loving them and giving them part of our precious time. Children in the Cornerstone program are likely those who are not supported by their parents in their studies,  maybe their parents are busy at work and can’t find time to teach their kids.

Too bad I have an exam on Saturday so I’ll skip the Cornerstone service again.

So this post has become a Cornerstone testimonial. Haha. At least I felt good writing my experience there. This post was really intended to be about patience and trusting the greatness of our God, but it seems that words just overflow spontaneously.

I have a lot of pending post: prison visits, rafael’s birth/day, new love poem hehe. I am looking forward to my great posts.

God Bless! 🙂

PS: Viral video from our SFC heads. ( You’d see me dancing in the video.. hehe )

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Hindi Ko Mamadaliin


Hindi Ko Mamadaliin

nabuhay ang mga salita
na natutulog sakin
katulad ng kung paano bumubukas
ang mga bulalak
sa mga yakap ng araw
sa pagdilat ng umaga

gusto kong umawit ng mga tulang
binubulong, hindi ng mga labi
kundi ng isang damdaming
hindi ko mawari
sa ilalim ng mga tala sa kalangitan
sa matamis na liwanag ng buwan

Hindi ko muna sasabihing
nahuhulog ang aking puso
sa kalawakan ng mga panaginip mo
sa isang mundong
sa iyo lamang umiikot
sa panaginip ko lamang tumatakbo

gusto kong
hawakan mo ako ng mahigpit
hindi ng iyong mga kamay
kundi ng iyong mga mata
at sabihin mong iniintay mo ako
sa ilalim ng mga tala sa kalangitan
sa dulo ng walang hanggan

at kung magkikita tayo
hindi kita papansinin
hahayaang ko ang langit ang magpasya
kung paglalapitin tayo o paglalapitin
tatango lang ako kapag kinausap mo
kikilalanin kita ng mabuti
magiging magkaibigan tayo

At kung sakaling mamahalin kita
hindi ko mamadaliin
dahil alam ko

may habambuhay pa tayo.


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I’m looking back at the posts in this blog. I do remember the things I have written here and the reason why I wrote them. And tonight, I should remember why I am writing these lines.

I am posting my latest poem. This could be my first poem in years or maybe not. But definitely,  it has been a long time since the last time I have written something using my heart.

Below is an unfinished poem I don’t plan to finish anymore.

But let’s see, I am wishing, hoping and praying that I could finish this poem. 🙂

So, without further ado:

Hindi Ko Mamadaliin

nabuhay ang mga salita
na natutulog sakin
katulad ng kung paano bumubukas
ang mga bulalak
sa mga yakap ng araw
sa pagdilat ng umaga

gusto kong umawit ng mga tulang
binubulong, hindi ng mga labi
kundi ng isang damdaming
hindi ko mawari
sa ilalim ng mga tala sa kalangitan
sa matamis na liwanag ng buwan

kung mamahalin kita
hindi ko mamadaliin.

It seems I rushed the ending. Haha. Actually, it’s really unfinished.

I have to go now.

Adieu 🙂

CLP St. Jude Promo Video:

Join us! 🙂

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First of all, I am quite sad knowing that I missed a post for July 2012 here in my blog. This just reflects how busy I am these days, forgetting to pause, reflect and write the thoughts flowing in the river of my mind.

Enough of that emo lines. Hehe. I always believe that things I cannot change does not merit any space in my life. So, that’s it –  no post for July. I’ll just forgive myself, forget this and try to find time for this blog.

So what is this post all about?

This post is about being BLESSED – the theme of this year’s Metro Manila Conference.

For the past 2 years, I’ve been writing a reflection about the MMCs I’ve attended. Here are my previous posts regarding my past MMCs:

Why not post about ICON? Hmm, it just been a ‘tradition’ for me to write about MMCs. I guess it’s because MMC was the first big event I have attended since joining SFC and its impact to me was just so great especially the first time.

So what’s new?

The feeling of this MMC is quite different. I feel like I am maturing now and old issues are gone. I am now facing new and different challenges in my life. I’m in a different stage and I now see things in a new perspective. Whoa, I’m writing too serious. 🙂

MMC Lucena feels different because I have a member of my household with me. Second, there was a pilgrimage event wherein we have visited 5 churches, and it was something new to me. Also, our chapter did great in choosing and gathering members in one place making the worship more powerful.

I learned a lot in this MMC and enjoyed the bonding time I had  with my SFC friends. I could say that this is best MMC yet, but again,  each MMC has its own flavor and a different message to tell.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Honestly, I came to MMC Lucena stressed and sick. I have been coughing for weeks and there’s a lot of things to do at work and in school. A lot of things are running in my mind. The 3 day “vacation” enabled me to me have a good rest. 🙂

Rejoice always:

“Joy is the fruit of the Holy Spirit.” – Galatians 5:22

The verse above really caught my attention. It really speaks of the truth – that God has planted in us our purpose in life. Deep in our hearts, we have a vocation that would make us fulfilled and happy. I also remembered the talk 3 in CLP, what it means to be Christian, which talks about being “peaceful at all times”. We should trust God and our purpose in life is really going to heaven with Him. Therefore, we should not worry anything and be joyful always.

Never cease praying:

This topic made me evaluate my praying time. Although I still have it intact, I still experience some hindrances to prayer.  As they say, these talks are also “refresher courses” which let you remember the things you tend to forget. Also, prayer is not free lunch, you pay! Embrace the cross! Take charge of your prayer time.

In everything give thanks:

Positivity. Being grateful is really a good thing. It’s not only giving thanks for the blessing you have received but also recognizing the positive things in your life. It make your heart smile and appreciate life more. 🙂

Being blessed: Will of God

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jer 29:11

It is His desire to bless and love us. We are really blessed having a Father like Him.

Personally, being called by Him is really a blessing. Sometimes, we might have viewed it as an extra task or service but it  is really a blessing in disguise. It molds you. It deepens your faith as well as your service-ready heart.  It is faith realized or faith showing itself into concrete and tangible actions. You become a better person equipped with the skills that the service has blessed you.

If we recognize that we are blessed,  the challenge now is being a blessing to others: from being blessed to being the blessing itself.

We may have different experience or perspective regarding these talks, depending on our personal experience or the state of or hearts, but one thing is for sure:  we have been blessed by MMC Lucena 2012.

As I have wished last year, the delegation from our chapter is at all time high again. He may continually bless our chapter with great leaders and members. I just hope next MMC 2013 would be bigger! 🙂




You fill my heart with peace

Your presence consumes me

With Joy I sing to you

Your Spirit now moves me


The cross You carried to Calvary

Walked, knelt, bled, and died for me

With Your mercy I am saved

My life is in Your hands


I am blessed by Your Love

and I’ll never be the same

blessed by Your Love Oh Lord

I am blessed by Your Love

and forever I’ll be Yours

blessed by Your Love Oh Lord

blessed! 🙂

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Fear and the Grass Beyond the Fence


Prison Min – April Post

In the past, I’ve have been invited to serve in the Prison Ministry but all the persuasions and encouragements fell on my deaf ears. Actually, I can switch my hearing to on or off most of the times, especially in “bumili ka nga ng suka” moments. 🙂

So why did I refuse to serve in Prison in the past? The answer was just plain and simple – fear.  It is the fear of the unknown; the fear of failure and the fear of rejection.

 It is the fear that I felt when I accepted to head the Prison Ministry, knowing that I have a lot of things on my hand. It is the same fear that I felt when I first visited Bilibid Prison and saw these people with strong personalities and loud voices.  Right at that moment, I told myself: “How can I control a program with all these people?  How could my voice be heard when there are a lot of loud of voices?” It is the same fear that I felt when I had to lead the talk, be a host and speaker for the first time outside of the Parish of St. Jude.

I just had no other choice but to go forward, let go and let God.

Facing those fears lead me to the other side of the fence, to explore areas outside my comfort zone. Yes, those fears are still present but something other than that fills my cup and makes the fear overflow. It is the feeling of service that is one of a kind. It is service that pushes you to the limit, physically tiring, financially draining but emotionally fulfilling. As they say, true love hurts and similarly, true service hurts in a way or another.

But I think that there is a Great Source of all of our courage and Isaiah 61:1 says it all:

The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me,
Because the LORD has anointed me
To bring good news to the afflicted;
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
To proclaim liberty to captives
And freedom to prisoners;

This is exactly what we felt in our service last April 2012. We came at the prison service expecting to just support their program. To our surprise and due to some reasons, we became an instant music ministry, speakers and sharers. We had to call SFC friends for the lyrics of the songs for praise and worship, and have instant meeting for the morning’s program.

But everything we needed was there.  We had friends who were available to answer our calls and tell us the exact lyrics of the songs. We had a guitarist and an instant music min as some members of the WESTB1A Music Ministry were present. We had a great host. I also had a stock knowledge on the topic which I shared with the inmates. My partner also has an appropriate sharing for the talk. Everything just went well and connived for our cause. It’s like the universe conspired with us. God did provide for us.

Indeed, the spirit of the Lord is upon us. When we face our fears and trust in the Lord, all will be well. And after facing those fears, we can now enjoy playing in the grass at the other side of the fence.

Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. – Deuteronomy 31:6

We would like to invite our brothers and sisters to join us serving the Prison Ministry this coming June 17, 2012. Kitakits!

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Walk The Talk

I have big dreams.

I am a self-confessed day dreamer. I love dreams and dreaming.  Yes, I’ve got great dreams but the problem is that they are JUST dreams. I am not that focused to make them happen.

But I am doing it very slowly. Yes, I do decide and risk a lot in my life and I am making progress. I have two struggles:

-Nigas cogon

-Too Emotional 

Haha. I am spilling my beans here. Well, I read my past enties in my blog quite a lot so this is a great way to remember what I have written.

Back in college, I have written this for a journal:

The Informediary

Intermediary, information, form, media, diary – combine these words and you’ll get the name of the official newsletter of the Junior Financial Management Association (JFINMA). Even if the name may sound absurd, it must be heard by its profundity, meaning and essence.  As an intermediary, it will act as an “in-between” to the information and the finmans, which would establish a reliable medium of “FM connection”. While the endeavor is far from analyzing and interpreting figures, it shall take importance to its form, showing the wholistic diary of a finman personality.

True enough, misnomers are everywhere, but the The Informediary will never be one. It shall rather cease to exist and be buried to oblivion than to carry the shame of not being enough for its name.

 From this first issue and on, it shall, and it will, forever live on its name. Forever.

The said journal never published an issue, so the it’s all talk.. haha!

I would not want to be like this journal. (all talk now, walk to follow.) 

Walk the talk dude! 🙂

and stay on the light.. 🙂

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Come Again


This is a late post, so late.

First week of January of this year, I went to a vacation. Not so grand vacation, it was just a few days leave from work. Together with my office mates, we went to CDO-Camiguin… And I feel rusty in typing these lines.. I feel so robotic and it seems I am not used to writing posts for my blog. Whew. Maybe, I am really losing it…

I think I need to manage my time better so I can post a weekly article here, so that my pen wouldn’t lose ink and continue to flow like a river. So many things to do!

So back to the topic. I wouldn’t tell much of our journey there, where we went, how the city and what we rode, how many days.. I just don’t feel like telling it. I would just focus on some thoughts.

Camiguin Island is awesome!

I really love the place. It is just a small island where you have a whole island tour in a day! What I love the most is its rivers and springs. I just love the clear waters flowing, maybe because the rivers in my hometown are dead and dirty. You can die swimming there But in Camiguin, waters are clear and cold. It was really amazing to see that we still have those kind of rivers in the country. Thank God! Really beautiful. Well, by the way, it was not my first time swimming in rivers. My first time was in Bacolod but that river there is not so clean compared to Camiguin. I will be back Soda spring, cold spring and hot spring! ( I think coron’s hot spring is better because it is really hot, while in Camiguin it wasn’t that hot. You just have to look for spots and you’ll love it.)

CDO White Water Rafting is extreme sports. Love it!

I did not fall off the raft. Boring. Well, we just had the basic course and I was at the back so I guess the waves had lesser impact on me. But the experience was great and it was saddening  that Cagayan River has damages because of the typhoon, and so the route of the course was a  lesser version of the original. All in all. It was a great experience. You can really feel the adrenalin rush when banging with the waves!

Bukidnon Dahilayan Zip Line

It was my first time and it feels great. It’s not so scary, it’s more on the scenery and enjoyment side. Really nice because you can see the beauty of the place and great feeling of winds blowing. It feels like flying.

Therefore! This blog is now a travel blog! Haha, I should write more on these kind of stuff and less emo. Impale that habit of feeling emo! (sadness) Kill them! Haha 🙂

Word of the post: Impale

Next travel blog: Bohol!


PS: It’s vacation time in grad school but still busy at a lot of things! I’m getting used to it actually. 

God Bless! 🙂

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Marry me. wala lang, haha. I just thought this is a wonderful song to post even it has no relation to this post, it’s my blog anyway. 🙂 haha.(traces of me being a hopeless-romatic)

This is my 26th birthday post. Yeah, it’s delayed for about a week but nevermind, I’m too busy okay?! Haha, I’ve been using this excuse a lot lately. Well, as a friend told me last month when I blurted out my excuse again, she just replied:”don’t call it busy,you just have different priorities.”

Good point. Yeah, I have different priorities, some are less prioritized than others. That’s when trade-off happens. If I really can’t do two things simultaneously, I forego one. If I can do both, I’ll do both but it would really sacrifice the quality of my work. Good thing I can still do some things at a time and prioritize on the task at hand.

The best is example is the Sunday before my birthday.


*82nd birthday of my lola in Bulacan. Basically it’s lunch until merienda celebration with the family. Big event and I can’t be absent because it’s also my birthday. We have the same birthday – March 12.

* Annie Jane’s Coming Home Dinner. It’s like a reunion with college friends with Annie visiting home and taking an off from work in Australia.

*SFC teambuliding. Once a year event and maybe the last one of our chapter – as a one whole big group. The event is lunchtime to dinner.

*My birthday celebration and reunion with CAT highschool friends and barkada. A very rare event, some of them I have just met again since highschool graduation. Event is late afternoon to dinner.

And the choices are:

I chose my lola’s birthday because my stance has always been towards the family first and it’s really scheduled yearly. Also, I chose to be with my highschool friends and celebrate my birthday. I just weighted how important the event is. So there you go, those are trade-offs.

I have been realizing a lot and life has been showing me and teaching me a lot of things. Information is not a problem nowadays, internet almost gives you all the info you need and all you got to do is search for it, read and do it. Doing “it” or walking the talking or making it happen is the challege nowadays. It boils down to some really important qualities. Success is really built on discipline, will, focus and vision. While life is more on doing something of real value, building wonderful relationships and making something beautiful out of the gift of life, just like the parable in the bible wherein the master gave gold coins to his servants.

Discipline. Focus. I’ve been struggling a lot at these areas. My mind always wander and go somewhere else. Haha. While discipline is a test, EVERYDAY.

Don’t forget the habits, building good habits is really essential in success as well as hard work, learning from past experiences and good choices. Your life is a reflection of your choices.

And of course, that Man above. We must serve and glorify Him.

“Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw near, when you shall say, I have no pleasure in them;
-Ecclesiastes 12:1

Thank you Lord for another wonderful, blessed and great year. I really felt that I am so much-loved. 🙂

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ciao! no words for the day for this post, hehe. 🙂

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Valentines II

This is my 2nd Valentines post here in my blog. As usual, I am still single and available. Haha! Maybe next year, I could post my girlfriend’s pic here… or maybe not.. Hehe. I hope I’ll not be so busy by that time. I am so busy and with full sched these days. Woohoo! I tried to post an article now because I’ll be so busy next week.. I have a midterm exam and a trip to Bohol next week.. and I am in the midst of a review right now. What am I doing here?! Haha! I have lots of activities for SFC, bundled with more tasks at work and school.

I really miss dating. It’s been a looong time. Hmm, I’m just too careful lately… Oh well, I’ll date my calculator, my notes and my books! I have to study for my exam on Valentines day! I’m such A Loser…

Hmm, but I really don’t feel dating anyone right now. I’m just too busy for that! (yet I the time to blog… hehe)

I should spend more time on myself and love myself more. I am getting fatter and fatter… more time for myself first!

Well, I am really preparing myself to the good things to come. 🙂

I found an article in a friend’s Facebook wall. It’s really a good one. I’ll share it without the author’s permission. Hehe!

Yeah, I’ll meet my pair soon… that’s why I’m preparing myself. Hehe!

I won’t give up, my love.
I won’t settle if it’s not you. 🙂


Ciao! God bless!

Let’s always remember that we’re so much blessed and loved. 🙂

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because of some things

I love the way
you stare at me
with your lovely eyes
like word puzzles
I’m interested
to find those lines
with my heart

the way
your hand travels
in the air and around
bends and flickers
is like memories
from past life
I couldn’t define

deja vu
or more than that
like a magnet
my soul’s binded
with something irrational
I fall in the trap
every single time

yes, I melt
with your smile
and with your eyes
like rainbows
my knees weaken
and my heart
is like an army
raising white flags

I’ve have fallen for you
since the first time
and I am faliing again
and again

but everytime I fall
i still chose to stand up
not because I am a coward
but because of some things

Some things
I’ll never surrender

I am a learned man.

oops. I just noticed I haven’t posted anything for the past month. Too bad! Well, I am just too much busy and lazy these days. Forgive me my dear readers and friends.

I have a lot to share and post here but I have a lot of things to do first. Haha. And add the fact that I am too lazy. I am always not in the mood to post anything here so that’s equals low productivity here. I have a lot ot share like my trip in CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin, new year resolutions and others.

But today is a different day, I am quite “in the mood” to post something here. Well, it’s already February and maybe that is why I have posted the poem above. Yes, Single Awareness Month is the culprit!

Hmm… I think I should go now. God Bless!

Always remember that you are so much loved. 🙂

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Happy New Year! Welcome 2012!

We’ll be saying goodbye to 2011 in a few hours from now. Looking back, it has been really a good year for me. I have grown a lot this year but there are still some facet of life I have left stagnant like the “owning/managing a business side”, the health side and the some old issues. We should not forget love life. Haha! Hmm, but that could wait. Yeah, it was not a perfect year but it’s still a good one. I’ve really been blessed this year, me and my whole family.

I can say this is one of the busiest years in my life, like this last day of the year, I still have to go home to Bulacan, buy some stuff on the way, and have my haircut. I have to sleep early later so I can have a good rest, I think I am in the verge of getting sick. This should not happen because classes will start next week and I have a vacation to CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin. 🙂

Let’s love more next year!

One must have a freshness of mind, a cleanliness of body. One must lave oneself in sparkling springs—
— Vikram Seth, A Suitable Boy

It has been a wonderful year for us. Let’s all be positive and look forward for another spectacular, blessed and beautiful life next year! God Bless us!

Thank you Lord. 🙂

WOTW: lave

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Parable of the King and the Poisoned Well

In a far away city, a wise king rules his people with justice, mercy, and kindness.

In the city is a well of fresh, clear water. This is the city’s only water source and all the city’s residents, including the king, drink from the well.

One night a witch, sent by the king’s enemies from a distant land, poisons the well. All who drink of the poisoned water will be overcome by madness. As she slips away, she is seen by the watchman who guards the well.

The watchman reports the witch’s actions to the king. Morning soon arrives, and before the king has made a decision, the people of the city begin to drink from the well. By noon all the city’s residents, apart from the king and the watchman, have turned mad.

Still the watchman and the king do not drink from the well.

People begin to whisper to one another – the king is behaving strangely lately. Rumour spreads the king has lost his reason.

“We cannot be ruled by a madman,” they say, and come together to overthrow their ruler.

As the rebellion begins, the king orders a goblet of the well’s water to be brought before him. He and the watchman drink from the goblet.

When the mob reaches the hall’s of the palace, the rebellion is quelled and the people rejoice: They see the king has regained his wisdom.


I really find the story very nice. It’s something I can relate to. When reflected upon, the story tells you that there is really madness in this life, that there are things you have to accept to have that sense of belonging in this world.

I have some beliefs that are far different from others, but I can easily forget some of them for more important things – things that are more essential and are more practical. There are indeed bitter realities of life we have to accept, and there are also some dreams we have to let go… and some life that we could only live in our dreams.

Hmm.. I think one of the saddest feeling is to accept something that is unacceptable, to accept that you could not do anything about it and to just let go.

Why am I writing all these?Haha. I’ve wasted time for this! I should be awarded a solatium! Haha!

I have no reason at all and those lines were just random flicker from my mind.

But really, there is madness in this world. The world sometimes make us really foolish and do nonsense things. An example is the useless the piece of cloth we wear at the office. I wish I could make that a handkerchief sometimes, hmmm… but it would be too dirty to display. Haha! Also, that bitter beer we drink and that alcohol we take to make ourselves lose some control. Oh yes, I’m doing all that for fun and for the good times. Too bad the world invented this schemes!

But at the end of the day, the world will be the like itself. There would be bad days and good days, there would always be a wrong timing and there would always we a right time. Sometimes the world would push you, drag you down and sometimes it would lift you up as high as the clouds. But wherever the direction of the wind is, or flow of the river, or the splash of the waves, we have to do what we think is right and the best choice out there. We make our own path and go through it.

hmm, I am on reflective mood today. So deep. Haha! It’s really nice to write some serious things sometimes.

Oh, It’s Karaoke time!

*word of the day: solatium

God Bless! 🙂

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Chaos Theory

Today is July 9, 2011. I am writing this post to kill time. I woke up early today for my shocking, knee-breaking and mind-boggling entrance exam for DLSU Graduate Studies. I am applying to be a student for the next term.

I am really not confident going into this exam. I had to schedule this exam for this weekend because I have no other choice. Next weekend will be busy days for me, I have a trip to Pangasinan for the Metro Manila Conference of the Singles for Christ. With this situation, I am forced to take the exam today because there are no other dates available, this is the second to the last entrance exam for students applying for the next term. I am forced to take this exam without much review! I don’t wan’t to wait next next term to enter graduate school, time is catching up on me.

I did take the risk. I am a risk-taker remember?

Anyways, I will do my best in this exam, and the rest, I will offer to that Man above. May He continuously bless me in my studies. Whatever happens, I will still keep on trying. I will continue to plant in the summer so that I could reap all the fruits of hard work in the winter. May God give me wisdom to answer well and pass this exam! God, Ikaw na bahala.

Your son

The above is a product of my low self-confidence, low faith on myself, and maybe, like what a friend texted me, low faith on Him whenever I am tested. Hmm, but I beg to disagree.. although not totally.

I guess all went well. After five months since writing the piece above, I have finished my first term in graduate school. Whew! Whatta ride it was. It’s not a joke, and I barely passed my subjects. I was tested bigtime. I felt hopeless although I had a feeling of acceptance for anything that may happen. The feeling was like: “Hey, I could not change it anymore but I learned a lot” attitude!

I learned a lot in Chaos!

I learned that time is so precious. Sacrifices in life are inevitable – health, quality time, family, service and sleep! Going back to school while working full-time was so tiring as the same time fulfilling because something is happening in my life, something is changing and that I am realizing many things. It’s a nice facet of life to go back to. It’s a heck of a ride!

“Hindi ko ito narating ng mag-isa” phrase of Dolphy struck me the most. Yes, finishing my first term was a reflection of that line. I have a lot to thank for.

It is with a feeling of relief writing all these. Haha!

Oh well I still have a lot of things to do.I learned that I have to be disciplined enough at a lot of things. Focus! But I’ll still do some things I really love, like dreaming, writing and serving. Yihii!!! I must really learn to be less quixotic.

I’ll try to write an article every week. I should write letters to my lover (my blog!), so love won’t die and we’ll keep the fire of love burning!

Life is short!

Tonight, I’ll rest and continue the fight early next year! Wish me good luck! I’ll sleep now.

Word of the day: quixotic (igoogle mo na!)
Quote of the day: Capital Market does not follow a random walk!

Oh God, You’ve been too good to me. Thank You and I love you.

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Para kay Althea

Dalawangpu’t tatlong taon
Nananaginip ako ng gising
Sa bawat araw na lumilipas
Nangangarap sa isang umaga
Isang umaga kung saan
Dadadalhin ako ng aking mga paa
Sa babaeng laman
Ng aking panaginip

Ngunit iba ang araw na ito.

Dahil mula ngayon,
Mas gusto ko pang hindi matulog,
Para pagmasdan ka sa paghimbing
Mas gusto ko pang sabayan ka
sa pagkain ng tanghalian
kaysa mangarap ng paulit-ulit,
at mas gugustuhin ko pang
hindi na muling kumurap pa
kapag kausap ka.

Dahil ngayon,
Ang mga panaginip ay wala ng saysay
Wala ng kwenta,
Simula ng dumating ka.

Kung panaginip man ang lahat ng ito,
Ayoko nang magising.

Forget about the quality. Haha! I wrote the poem all heart, less art!

I wouldn’t want to miss a post for a month, so I am posting a poem written two years ago. It’s a poem from the idealistic era of myself, a time when my heart hasn’t been really hurt. The Emo years. Haha! Oh well, we got to move forward and look at the past positively for the future. It has been a good stage of my life which produced more than half of my poems and short stories. Good years indeed. I just hope I can still write a poem of this type in the future.

Oh I miss the feeling of being loved by a special someone… Haha. Focus Kimm! Priorities. Focus!

God Bless! 🙂

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Dear Old Self,

I am making this letter for you a sign of how happy and fulfilled I feel today. I just woke up from a good sleep in our king-sized bed with my beautiful wife. She’s still sleeping tough, tired with the stuff we’ve been doing in the past weeks.Oh I love seeing her soundly asleep, so innocent, so pure.

We actually came from a out-of-the-country vacation last week. We really had a great time with the family.It was the first time my little kids had the experience to play with snow. It was really a good feeling seeing them having fun. Oh, my boys are growing fast, my wife had a hard but good time running after them. Haha. And my little baby girl, I’ve been with her most of the time. I’ll be her first love, her prince and knight. I look forward to her wedding, the moment she will finally decide (and accept) that she has found a great man better than myself. Haha. I’d be glad to escort her to him. Until that time, I will be the man of her life. 🙂

And my wife, I am falling in love with her every single day. Great mother to my kids and a good wife. My heart melts with love whenever I see her dedication to my kids. Yeah, I had a really hard and long time finding her. It has been a grueling journey to her, lots of lonely nights but it’s all worth it. Thank God! Thank you old self.

Financially, we are so much blessed. My business is going really fast but steady, just at the right pace. And my personal stocks are doing good. Thanks to the time you have invested for education years ago.

I’ve been in thinking of going full-time in business. Office work is great but my business needs me more. My boss in UK will have hard time finding a replacement for me for sure. Haha. Maybe be they will offer me an increase. Oh well, I’ll cross the bridge when I get there. Thanks to the goals at work you’ve set old self, you’ve grown so much since then.

Old self, thank you for all the choices that you’ve made. The sacrifices that you made for your future and your family’s welfare as well. Thank you for the patience and the hard work. I know It was a hard and difficult journey and it was all worth it. I know I’ll not be in this great life if not for you old self.

So if you’re feeling down, just read my letter and I know your fighting spirit will again lift up. So, dream on and work on it old self, it will be great. All the good things you’ve been planting will reap good fruits for sure. You have Him, what should you fear? God will bless you old self 🙂 You’re actually doing great, keep it up!

Oh, my wife just woke up and I think she needs kisses. 🙂

I am looking forward in meeting you. See you! Thanks again man!!!

You Future Self

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My “The Spires” Story (Part 2)

Previous: My “The Spires Story” Part 1

The release of “The Spires” in March 2007 was a successs. Students lined up in the distribution areas to get their copies. We were then required to give an account on how many students got their copies and give a report to OPSA. There were some irregularities that the Prof. Pedrajas didn’t like so she refused to sign the the required form to release payment to the publishing house. In an instant, we were facing a huge P180,000 debt from our Printing Press. We were facing a huge pressure from our printing house and a possible lawsuit, or kick-out from the college. Luckily, there were changes in the administrators of the college during that summer.

Prof. Matilde Santos succeeded as the new Prefect of Student Affairs, the same professor that we asked to be our Technical Adviser that same summer. With her innate support for The Spires, her office agreed to sign the release of the funds and pay the publishing house and support our cause.

Our anxieties were over and it was the time to focus on building the publication. With the help of Ramon and Willy, we formulated the Constitution of The Spires. This paved the way for the adminitration to fully recognize The Spires as a separate publication from the The Bedan, and to be listed as one of the three publications of the college.

On the start of the new school year, we, as the remaining members of the Spires, elected ourselves to the different positions in the publication and started the recruiting of new members. All of us were graduating in that same school year.

Prof. Santos recommended Prof. Catalina Tiu to our Technical Adviser and so we invited her. We requested for an office and was given one, though with no own aircon.

At the first semester of the school year, we have recruited Daryl Josol, Abbie Banigoos, Johaima Panumpang and Nikki Coronado. Second semester came and during the CORWEEK, we had Irene Tan, Leo Mendiola, Sas Apolonio and Haziel Avellanosa. Interview week came Gino Galang and Candice Santayana. We had a full force of dedicated staffers!

(To be continued…)

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SFC – Christian Life Program

Hi Everyone! I am inviting all single men and women to attend our chapter’s Christian Life Program. So, if anyone would like to experience living your singlehood with Christ, and with the support of Singles for Christ community while serving God, just pm me or those numbers indicated above.

God Bless! 🙂

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I’ve been postponing this post for few weeks now because of my busy schedule or lack of time but I guess the real reason behind is that I felt that it wasn’t the right time. It just don’t feel writing about it and I am still waiting for more blessings! 🙂

Indeed, right now is the right time.

Since July of last year, I have been applying for sponsorship for further studies in my company. I applied for sponsorship because I didn’t like the idea for spending my hard-earned savings for my studies as well as asking my parents for financial support. My company offers this sponsorship program so I did grab it. I actually applied twice but were rejected.

This journey of mine was really a tough one, I have to fight my ego, my failures and my insecurities. Yeah, it was heart-breaking to be rejected twice and last July, I even hesitated to submit an application for the third time. I thought it was not really worth it. But on a second thought, I still applied again. I gave it a one last try and decided, I wouldn’t apply anymore if I will still fail and spend my hard-earn money instead. As I have been saying in this blog, this would be a year of taking risks so I should take one if things aren’t going my way.

Oh praise God! I was finally accepted and will be attending classes for grad school next week! You’re so great God! Perfect timing!

I have been tithing for more than a year now and I believe God is indeed true to His words! I have received so much from what I have given, much much more! The Lord assured us:

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much.”
Malachi 3:10

Yeah, I’ve been so blessed. I am happy, quite excited and scared in going back to school. I am scared because I am receiving so much blessings, with it are great responsibilities. Then add the fact that I’ll be getting out of my comfort zone and will study something I was not good in college.

Aja! I know there’s a reason why God led me in this path! As a song says, the Lord is my Light and my salvation, WHOM SHALL I FEAR? WHOM SHALL I FEAR!!! God bless me 🙂

Blessing #2

I won in a contest. It was the “Share Your Story Campaign” contest in my company. The most number of likes of a submitted success story wins an IPAD! As I have shared in a previous entry, it was not really a BIG success story. It was more of a story of dedication of my team to our work coupled with beautiful imagination. 🙂

I didn’t win the 1st prize ( I was 2nd!) but will take home a camera. Wow thanks! I don’t have one! But the real prize were the nice comments of those who have read my story. They liked it and some said “it made their day”. It was really a good feeling! Nice nice! Greatest prize for a (feeling) writer like me.

I got a plaque of appreciation and some very nice email for my bosses! The HR EVP of our company who is based in London even congratulated me! Really great! He’s directly under our CEO! 🙂

Well, it is my greatest reward from writing to date. Thank you Father! 🙂

Looking back, maybe, I have improved my writing skills but I know there are still grammatical errors in my writing! hehe.. I haven’t spent time to really study it. I will do that. At least, I could now express myself better in English these days than few years ago.

I think I have been planting my “writing seeds” for a year now and have reaped some good results. I’ll continue this. 🙂

Blessing #3

Simon Kristoff

The heir to the throne has come! He’s Simon Kristoff! My cute nephew who always cries a lot! Haha! My sister did not expect him to come soon and caught her unprepared. It’s was like one night, few weeks early from the doctor’s prediction, my sister said: “manganganak na yata ako.” haha!

She did sacrifice a lot. Whew! It’s really hard for her part. It gave me realization that I’d like to have only one daughter – my only princess! I will serve her all my life together with my Queen. Oh I am a slave of your love my Queen! haha! Oh well, love really comes with sacrifice. I have been realizing that a lot more these days.

I have a lot more blessings and still waiting for some more. Hehe 🙂

I am so blessed and God is pouring so much more blessings to me! I can’t wait for my God’s gift. Haha. Joke! Not my focus right now. If she comes, great! But if not, it’s really fine. haha!

Challenging weeks ahead!

Great lines for a song:

Who am I?
That the eyes that see my sin
Would look on me with love
And watch me rise again.
Who am I?
That the voice that calmed the sea,
Would call out through the rain,
And calm the storm in me.


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Julie Ann San Jose

I saw this video in facebook shared by a brother in SFC. Instantly, I was amazed by this performance of Julie Ann San Jose. I have been seeing this girl in duets with Elmo at SOP but didn’t really recognize how talented she is. I mean, this girl should be given more exposure by GMA. Her talent is really amazing. Her voice is really up there at par with international artists. She might be the next Charice! I think she should sing more of fast and modern songs, not the usual “birit” songs.

I believe in her talent. Given the right exposure and focus, she could be an international artist someday. With her voice, passion and pretty face, I think it’s achievable. Give her a year or two.

I really admire how she sings, full of passion and I can easily see that she enjoys what she’s doing. Really great talent. A great manifestation of a gift from God. You’ll remember how beautiful life is with this kind of performance.

I hope I could sing like that! But it’s really not my gift, I’d be contented with the average singing if ever I’ll reach that level. 🙂
Take note, my voice is for bathroom only. Haha!

Without further ado, let’s see this super wonderful great fantastic performances. Not one but two!

(Above is the one I saw in Facebook, while below is a result of further research.)

Oh I love her! Hehe 🙂


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All About Love

This not a typical OFW story.

I have no first-hand experience to share in regards on how life is with an OFW parent, brother or sister.

Both of my parents are here in the Philippines, still working for the good of the family. All of my siblings are also here, with no concrete plans of going abroad.  I grew up in a complete family and I can say that my loved ones never missed any milestone of my life. I have spent my whole life with them.

I’d admit that I have been so much blessed.

But there was a time that my parents have thought of working abroad. My dad and his close friend/cousin were planning  back then to work in Australia with TNT (tago-ng-tago) status. His cousin’s wife has a lot of relatives there with the same status. During that time, I wasn’t born yet. 🙂

But my dad had no money to buy plane tickets and all. His cousin decided to push through with the plan even without him.

After 25 plus years, both families are fine except that my cousins in Australia are raised in a different culture and environment. They are well-off there and successful. One time, I even envied my “kababata” or my second-cousin who I played with during my childhood days, he had a blonde girlfriend with blue eyes. cool! 🙂

If my father went abroad, I wouldn’t be here writing all of these. It would require him to stay there for a long time for sure. He would sacrifice a lot.

I am not saying he did not sacrifice here, of course he did. He worked very hard every single day to earn for us and have a good life. He earned every peso here with blood, sweat and tears. In this country, it is never easy to earn a sinlge peso. I remember him preaching to us the value of being prudent and being thrifty. He said that you can walk from Bulacan to Manila and can’t pick up a single peso on the road.

But working abroad is also hard, if not harder. You’ll endure the hardships, loneliness and all the perils of working in a foreign land in exchange of a good life for you and your family. I remember my aunt who is living in London talking (and crying) to my dad through the phone late in the evening or early in the morning just to have someone to talk to. She needs it badly because she has lots of problems there. Also I have an uncle who’s a seaman. One time, I imagined how my uncle reacted when my dad informed him that my grandfather died. These situations are saddening but we have to endure all of these because of love, the bittersweet reality of life.


This post is for all of those OFWs who are true testaments of love, for of those who are selfless and giving, courageous and caring, and most especially, loving. I want to recognize their pains, suffering, hard work, dreams, love and happiness. I wish that all of their hardships will be fruitful in the end, like an Engineer son or a Doctor daughter. When big economies like America, Japan and countries in Europe are crumbling down, Philippine economy is still stable because of it has an army of OFWs to save the day and remit love to their loved ones.

Indeed, they are the modern-day heroes of our time.

Let’s support them. “Walang Iwanan.” They may have left the country for greener pastures but their hearts are still with us, serving the country in their own ways. OFWs are no traitors of our homeland, instead they are victims and heroes created by this struggling society.

I am still wishing, hoping against hope, that a day would come that Filipinos would no longer need to leave their families to work abroad.


This post is all about love, of which all OFWs are essentially all about.



The above post is an entry in support for PEBA 2011.

Let’s support our OFWs!

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Yesterday, I missed my “weekly blog day” because of the weather. I was in Bulacan and was preparing to go to Manila when the rain poured so hard. There were even lightning and thunder which scared my lovely niece Nica. Poor Nica, because she was too tired from playing all day and afraid of the weather, she fell asleep while hugging her crocodile stuffed toy. So cute. 🙂

That’s what i get when I go home, besides sleeping all day and night! of course, it’s my rest day! Haha!

Well, busy days are coming so I have to be prepared. A lot is going on in my life (except lovelife!) and it requires me to be focused and disciplined.

Maybe missing my weekly blog day is a preview of what to come.

I’ll still update this blog at least once week as much as I can. I already fell in love with blogging. It’ll be hard to leave this hobby.

My pending posts are now piling up. Haha! I’ll finish and publish them as soon as I can.

For now, I’ll share some lines from a good movie I recently watched:

How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d;
Alexander Pope, “Eloisa to Abelard”
English poet & satirist (1688 – 1744)


I wouldn’t do a review for this movie. My writing wouldn’t do justice to this epic movie.

Sooo good!

Thank you Father! 🙂

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I was already writing my post for PEBA contest when I suddenly lost my desire to complete it.  I just can’t figure out how to finish that article. Another pending article is about the blessings I received this past two weeks. I’ll again postpone that. 🙂

So, just to have a post here (It’s Monday – my weekly blog day), I’ll post a poem from my dusty personal files.

This poem was published in BES Alert ( Bedan Ecological Society Newsletter), of which I was member.

Please read on.

Can you kill your mother?

your life, my life, our life
it is not apart. it is one.
binded, shackled, linked
by one water, one air, one sun.

kill me. execute me – commit suicide.
gradually or swiftly, it doesn’t matter son
love me or kill me, it’s yours to decide.
Life or suicide? Darkness or sun?

slash me. shave me. bald me.
my curves, my breast, my totality
denude me, abuse me and rape me.
slay me gently, raze my virginity

do whatever you want.
I am yours, you are free
just remember, bear this in mind
I am your mother, we are one.

I love nature! I have been to Coron, Palawan and I think it is one the most beautiful places in the Philippines. Those twin lagoons, green waters and powdery-white sand are just sooooooooo awesome!

Beautiful. 🙂

So let’s save Palawan and other key diversity sites!

sign up here:

Go Daryl! (my friend from Puerto Princesa)


God Bless!

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Kahit sa gitna ng puyo ng bagyo
Na tila bigwas na umiikot
Sa loob ng iyong dibdib pailalim
Ipikit mo lamang ang mga mata

Isipin mong muli
Ang mga totoong alalala:
Mga halik na gumagapang
sa kung saan-saan

mga bulong ng pag-ibig
na itinago sa mga yakap
at ang mga pagkakataong ‘di na kita
ng iyong mga mata

Isipin mong muli
Ang pagkakataong nahuli mo sila
At pagakatapos ng hapdi, malalaman mong
Hindi ka dapat lumuha.

This is in response to iya’s:

The past week has been one of the best weeks in my life. I will postpone posting a blog about it for some reasons. I will tell more about it next time. God is so Good! God’s Grace! 🙂

Above is my poem written today as an entry to Iya’s contest. I saw this in my friend’s blog so I decided to join. Well, it’s been a long time since I have written a poem. It was really hard writing that. I think I need to practice more! Good luck to me!

The picture was grabbed from here:

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Our Love Story

DSE-Options Manila Love Story

This isn’t an ordinary love story. It’s a love story in the midst of work, and of people miles and miles of seas apart – the classic long-distance relationship.

Just an FYI: We, in Options-Manila Team, have ZERO love life. As in no one is in a relationship. We have no love affair at all! So for obvious reasons, we’re chasing for love – but not the ordinary love. It’s the love for quality and timeliness of options data. Instead of chasing girls in bars, we chase DSE people when there’s a suspect data. Hey, we don’t give flowers, but we do raise internal SRs. Our chocolates? We say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in every request that we make. Just imagine our e-mails; it’s full of lovers’ quarrel! But it’s still a give and take relationship –Teamwork!

Recently, our team got married to DSE. And the contract? HMDGlobal-Options forum. It‘s a regular meeting which aims to address data/process issues with DSE, as well as to improve the overall quality and timeliness of options data. Yeah, this isn’t yet a BIG success story. But as our love story continues, we know that success is within reach. Honeymoon? Next time.

The above is my entry in a contest in our company with the theme ” Share Your Stories Campaign”. It’s a contest that aims to brag about the successes that we have in our company. There are three categories: What You Do Matters, Winning As One and Pushing Global Boundaries. Winners will be the top 3 stories in each category company-wide (all locations, world-wide). Top entry in each category would win an IPAD 2! Winners will be those entries that have the most number of LIKES!

My entry falls in the Winning As One Category.

Yeah, it’s really not-so success story but it’s unique in the sense that it’s enjoyable to read and is not-so boring.

As of this time, my entry has a 120 likes! Top likes to beat is 350!

Well, I don’t expect to win. I just tried it.

With all the wonderful comments I had for my article, especially those from the other side of the globe and from my friends, I am very much thankful and grateful to have tried posting an entry. In my heart, I feel that I am already a winner! Haha!

I want to win an IPAD 2!!!

Yeah, it’s been a wonderful ride.

Thank you. 🙂

Now Showing! MMC Dagupan 2011!

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Truly Rich Club – A Review

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Before I get into the topic, I would just like to commend myself for this post. This is my 100th post in this blog! Weee! It has been a year since I actively posted my life journey and views in this blog, that is why I am seriously thinking of saving every single post in this site. Well, this site is already dear to me, it’s like an online diary where I could look back and see my old self. I am looking forward to a hundred and more posts!

Speaking of looking back, Hmmm… I am thinking of taking a picture of myself naked. Just like most celebrities involved in different scandals, I want to frame a particular time of my life. It’ll be nice if I could still see how my body looks like after 20 years! Haha, I’m just joking! It’s the most stupid thing to do nowadays. There’s always a limitation to everything. We shouldn’t overdo things. Haha!


After a month and a half since joining Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club, I am making a review of its pros and cons.

Let’s start with the Cons:

*Some videos, MP3 and articles provided by the club can be found in the net. It’s just compiled by the club and sent to the members. But you can actually get an access to these content through other sites. You’ll just have a hard time searching the net. Also, other members share these content that are for members only.

*If you can’t stomach the 500 pesos a month tithe, this club is not yet for you. Essentially, you’ll only get returns if you have money to invest. In my case, I still don’t have that money so I just consider my monthly dues in the club as a form of a tithe. This group has been blessing my life for more than a year now. Time to give back some, for them to bless more people.


*E-books that you’ll read from this club are some of the best books I’ve read. More than 3 books for P500 pesos is definitely cheap. After you have these E-books, you can even cancel you membership. Great value for money.

*Powertalks – These MP3 recordings are the best feature of this club. It makes me inspired and positive. I listen to it even at work. It’s good to listen to it when you’re down and troubled.. when you need a helping hand… I close my eyes and listen. 🙂

I wan’t more of it especially the interviews with successful people. 🙂

*Articles – Nice articles and stock updates! In here, Bo Sanchez teaches you different things, wealth beliefs and strategies in growing your money. I love the stock updates! I think it’s really reliable since Bo Sanchez’ mentor is really a genius in stock market. You can really earn big money following his stock tips!

Currently, his average return on stocks that he bought last June 2011 is around 5-8%! In just a month!!!

Honestly, I did not follow all his tips because I am trying to create my own strategy. But I still consider his tips and also articles from other Stock Gurus 🙂 Hehe.

That is why my return is around 6%. 🙂

It has been fun doing stock trading but I guess I have to change my strategy. I am quite on the safe side. I have read that the risk should I take is around 100 minus my age. (100-25=75%)

So I should risk 75% of my investment money (20% of income = money to invest/save).

If I just have a lot of money to play with, I could have invested it right away. The bull market in PSE is coming! I need money! Hehe.

If I had invested 100K last June, my income would be:

100,000 x 6 % = 6,000

P6,000 is not bad at all since bank gives 1% annual interest! P6,000 is for a month!
Inflation is around 4%!

I will take the risk, I just don’t have the money now. Hehe

Overall, being a member of the Truly Rich Club is a good thing. You are helping others to succeed and also learn something good in return. You may not succeed or earn big instantly, but because of constant learning and positive outlook in life, success is inevitable.

My judgement is, I’ll continue to be a member of the club.

Let’s make things happen!

See links below if you’d like to join the club.

PS: I’ll earn a discount if you will. 🙂

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Today is not Monday.

I am stuck here in our house (Manila) and just have postponed going home in Bulacan this weekend. It’s been raining continually all day. I am a bit anxious of going out today because of the rain. I lost my wonderful umbrella last month… Hmmm, I think.. I just can’t remember when and where, it just got lost. Hehe

It’s really important to me. It has been with me for more than a year before it got lost. It’s an automatic, black colored with checked design, super-stylish umbrella. With one click, and poof! It’s open. It’s usually in my bag every single day. I just wonder how it got lost.

I have few assumptions:

(1) One day, it was really raining hard and then I chose to run in the rain, indulge in its every drop and play with them like an innocent child. My umbrella got really jealous and walked out of my bag one night.

(2) One day, I was walking along Ayala Avenue when the cloud just decided to cry hard. No dark clouds, no moist wind nor rumblings of the sky, simply for no valid reason, the raindrops decided to fall. So I decided to open my umbrella as a protection from the acid rain. Then, I saw a lady and decide to share it with her. 🙂

Just like number 1, my umbrella got really jealous and walked out of my bag one night.

(3) I left it in the taxi after a ride. I imagined my umbrella screaming hard:

Kimmmm! Don’t leave me my master! Nooooooo! I need you!!!

Haha, it’s been fun writing these silly imaginations!

I hope my umbrella is happy where she is now. I wish her all the best that umbrella-life can offer.

I will really miss you baby.

Rainy days will never be the same again…

Running out of topics,

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I am looking back again.

It has been a year since my first SFC Metro Manila Conference. Time really flies so fast.
See link :

For my friends who aren’t from SFC, MMC is like big convention of all SFC members from different parts of Metro Manila to worship and praise that One above. We’re like soldiers going back to the barracks or command center to renew our stand, to have a breather or retreat from our chaotic lives, and to strengthen our faith in Him. All of this for our sacred vision: every single men and women all over the world experiencing Christ.

And through this event, we also bond as a team and make more friends. Like every successful organization, bonding time is important to make a better team.

So what’s the theme for this year’s MMC?


Yeah, I did learn a lot in this conference. I looked back in my life and saw a lot of instances that God’s grace prevailed. I could also say that it is through His grace that my feet brought me into this organization.

I’d also realize that Grace as a name is really nice. I now appreciate it more.

All in all, my MMC Dagupan was really nice. We a lot of bonding time and worship is really superb considering I know most of the SFC songs now. It’s arguable that this is my best MMC experience, of course the first time would always be something special.

But I could say that every MMC or ICON has its own flavor that makes each one a beautiful experience. Each has a different message to tell and a different realization you can reflect on in your life.

This MMC has the biggest delegation for our chapter ever – 45 people. I hope the next would be bigger. I also missed my other friends like Kuya Harvey and my household members. Anyways, the chapter is really growing bigger and better. Kudos to Kuya Bry and to all of us! We are really an inspiration to each other!

By the way, Dagupan bangus is really delicious. Arcadia Convention Center is big and cold, perfect venue for MMC!

Thanks to Victory Liner Bus Lines, we had a good and safe trip. 🙂

See you all in ICON Bohol in February 2012!

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Last Saturday, I took an off in the office and SFC just to attend to my niece’s 1st birthday celebration. It’s an important event because it will be the first in the family and of course to show support for my sister. I really have no idea how would the party play-out. It turns out that it was a great one.

Almost all the kids and the babies of the Fidel clan attended. It’s nice to see that the family is growing. My cousins’ sons and daughters were all there, playing with their second-cousins. Yeah, it was a spectacle to see. Last time I checked, we were the ones playing in those parties, participating with all the parlor games, singing and dancing. Well, time flies so fast and life continues.

Next time, it’s my kids’ turn to do all of that.

It’s quite a hassle to organize events like that. I did see a lot of things to be improved on next time. I just realized that being the eldest and the youngest in the siblings has it’s own perks.

The eldest usually becomes a good leader, experiences life first and has command over other siblings. Also, the eldest usually has the newest clothes and books.

On the other hand, the younger siblings enjoys the pleasure of just following the orders. No stress over responsibilities and cannot be blamed by parents when things go wrong. But, the younger siblings inherit the old books and others of the older ones. The good thing is the older ones can help you in studies and you can have a lot of realizations over the experiences of the older siblings that you can apply in your own life.

This post is becoming so deep. Ocean deep – I’m so afraid to show my feelings, I have sailed a million ceilings, Solitary room, Ocean deep – will I ever find a lover. Maybe she has found another and as I cry myself to sleep I know this love of mine I’ll keep – ocean deep. 🙂

Anyways, I just had a bad hair day today, i mean bad day… my hair looks bad everyday. 🙂

Below is my cute niece. Yeah, it runs in the family. hehe

It’s been one year since this post!

Hmm, I am looking forward to the time Nica would able to read this post! I think I deserve a kiss 🙂

Your tito loves you.


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Nagsimula sa isang tingin
Nagtagpo ang mga mata natin
Nasundan ng mga ngiti
Sabay sa pagbaba ng langit

Humakbang papalapit
Bumilis ang mga pintig
Kumislap ang mga bituin
Namalas ang anghel ng langit

Bubuksan na sana ang mga labi
Sasabihin na sana ang nais
Nang makita at mapansin
Sa iba ka pala

Hindi pala ako ang hinahanap mo
Pero salamat na din
Sa likha mong panaginip.

Naging masaya ako.


June 14, 2007. I have written the above poem years ago. Inspired of “akala ko pag-ibig” feeling. Akala ko mutual! Haha 🙂

I have really nothing to share except for the bad things that happened this week. But I wouldn’t want to dwell on them either.

Starting today, you’ll be seeing new words in my posts. In the effort to grasp the English language more, I’ll be using not so familiar words from time to time. I can’t seem to write formally these days. My posts are like of Bo Sanchez’ all the time. (joke!hehe) I wouldn’t like my posts to be esoteric, gibberish or in a language foreign from the language of love! 🙂

Seriously, I should still know how to write formally. I need that in school and work.

Highlight of the week: Baby Nica’s 1st Birthday! I’ll do a separate post of that wonderful event! 🙂

It’s really been a BAD day! But I guess I’ll just do what I can, with all of I am, and the other burdens, I’ll just lift them up to Him.

Bathala na.

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read between the lines

There are no failures, only lessons.

These past weeks, I’ve been reading the book: How to Conquer Your Goliaths by Bo Sanchez. I just learned a lot.

I’ve been trying to conquer my Goliaths these past few weeks but still failed – again and again. Still, I would still keep fighting until I succeed. There’s no success if there are no failures. Try and try again. My true failure is giving up.

Like David before hitting mighty Goliath through his sling, he did not pick up one stone, he picked up five stones. Battles could be long, with ups and downs so he readied himself to fail.

I should too.

In this day, my challenges are restated and modified. Additional tithes would be changed to physical exercises. Hehe! I need to exercise! I don’t like to be drained financially.

I should admit, this post is a big excuse.

Well, look at the bright side! Be positive!

God Bless! 🙂

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If It Kills Me

It’s been raining all day. The weather is cold, and the wind brings something undefined. Haha. I’ll be posting a poem I just found I my drafts from Facebook. It somewhat suits the weather so I thought this is a good time to post it.

I haven’t posted this poem anywhere so this will be the first time. I am really not confident in this poem so apologies for the quality. It’s like a story in lines,scenes cut in several parts. Words are shallow and simple, but what I like in this poem is the feeling I have framed in it.

It brings back memories that are part of who I am today.

I am glad that I am fully ready to post and share this. And I am so grateful to have overcame this rough time in my life.

It’s really nice to look back, smile and realize how stupid I am back then. Haha.

So without further ado, an untitled poem from the inner chambers of my heart.

please read on.


lumilipad sa kalawakan
ang mga sulyap mong walang laman
kahit nung binalot kita ng mga yakap
hindi ko naramdaman
ang init na kadalasa’y nagpapalambing
sa malamig kong gabi

sinubukan kong budburan ng asukal
ang mga salita bago ko pinalipad sa hangin
nababakasakaling matikman ng iyong pandinig
ang matamis kong pag-ibig

Ngunit hindi ka natunaw.
wala kang narinig
kaya’t tinanong kita kung bakit
tumitingala sa mga ulap
ang anghel kong bumaba mula sa langit

di ka umimik.

habang nakapikit ka, hinalikan kita
ng dahan-dahan at habang
may tumutulong luha sa aking mga mata
pinilit kong maramdaman sa iyong mga labi
kung may natitira pang pag-ibig

ngunit wala ng tamis
ang iyong mga halik.

dumilat ka, tumingin sa akin
at sa aking mga mata,
sinabi mong:
“Hindi na kita mahal.”

sa sandaling iyon,
pinatikim mo sa akin
ang pinakamasakit na pakiramdam
durog na durog ako

minsan, kapag umiihip ang hangin
nadarama ko sa aking mga pisngi
ang alikabok ng nadurog kong puso
napapaalala sa nakaraang
wala na akong magagawa-
kapalarang ikaw ang pumili
na kailangan kong tanggapin.

kahit ‘di ako ang pinili mo
sa ibabaw ng mundo,
patuloy akong maglalakad
at aasang sa huling alikabok ng nakaraan
mabubulag akong muli

sa sarap ng pag-ibig.

I am adding a nice music video in this post.

“pagbigyan nyo na ako, umuulan naman.”

sweet night! 🙂

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My mind is full of thoughts, rushing back and forth, but I can’t translate them in words that could transcend into futile whispers to the air. Like the sun-kissed leaves, that float into the moist air, this post is going nowhere – meaningless.

It’s been a tiring week. I am not in the mood to share things, and I am quite not in the mood to blog as well. Today is Monday so it’s really my blogging day. I have to write, I have to write.

I have a BIG problem:

My niece is growing up not knowing me. She really knows me but we’re not that close. Yes, I can play with her and she even kisses me at times. But the problem is she’s not really at ease with me. We have a bonding time earlier, it was almost an hour. Then she just got tired with me. She cried and looked for her dad. well, that the consequence of being at home only a day in a week.

This is a preview of things to come. I should have more control of my time someday.

Remember the Operating System of the Universe:

What you plant, is what you reap.

I’ve reading new books recently courtesy of THE TRULY RICH CLUB. I am planning to have book reviews here soon. I love to read – I eat books, crunch them into pieces but I leave the plastic covers. I can’t digest them. 🙂

“I don’t read to learn, I read to become.” – one of my favorite quotes! all time!

Okay, enough of this.

Let’s end this sweet cold night with one of my favorite song:

ciao! 🙂

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