Posted by: kimmuel | 21/07/2010

lunch break

Making a choice is hard especially when it’s about your future.

Life is a series of choices you make.  I should make the right choices in the coming weeks! Hay, please God, help me.

I was watching videos on youtube and came across a simple note taking technique: Mind Mapping. I researched the topic further on google and was amazed at the idea.

It’s a note technique that encourages us to create colorful and creative maps of information.  It starts with a single topic which is usually at the center and branches out other related info. see the picture below.

I think it’s a good idea. Sometimes notes ares boring and hard to remember. So being creative is a good way to remember things easier. Actually,  I didn’t know that I was actually doing this technique back in college. In law classes, I use to draw symbols to remember the idea of each article. It was indeed effective for me.

So guys, try this, it might work for you.

until then 🙂


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