Posted by: kimmuel | 29/05/2010

some thoughts on love

Here I am again, doing something I love.

It has been a peaceful week. I had my ups and down this week but it seems that everything is just passing by, like how I usually walk along the sidewalks of Ayala Avenue, seeing faces that run through my vision and leave without any trace, without any meaning , without any significance in my life.

It is just few days before the month of June.

Whew, time flies too fast.  It’s almost half of the year and I still had a lot to accomplish. Haha. I learned from a brother in SFC when we were in a retreat that in every month we have to accomplish something, something that would make us grow as a person. So when I heard it, I thought that it was a good idea and tried doing it in my life. My first “project” was to “fully” learn driving a car. As in being able to drive a car in highways and the like.

I  guess I have achieved that last month but I still need a lot of practice. At least I am moving forward. 🙂

I have a lot of project in mind like being a great swimmer, body build, learning to play the guitar, joining a badminton club, volunteering for a civic group and a lot more. Indeed, there’s a lot to do life! I feel like my soul would rage out loud once someone shackled it in one place. Hehe

But the is something that I would not do as a “project” for the mean time.

I would not search my one-true-love for quite a while. I would just let my heart rest and heal it wounds. It really looks bad now, too many scars! Haha.

Seriously, I have been struggling for few weeks because of a heartache. I’m expecting a “basted” for the nth time. All the signs are present, I’m just waiting for the closure of the curtains… if she ever will. I hope she will.

Well, All I will do is lock myself in my room, think of the things that went wrong, things that I have done and things that I did not do. But at the end of the day, I will get out of my room loving myself more.

Life is a series of choices and she chose not to be with me.

I’d love to meet someone who will choose me like I like how I chose her. And we will love our choices for the rest of our lives. So cheesy! Haha!

So with all my frustrations, I will give you some of my thoughts on Love and the things around it. This is a wisdom I gathered from the leaves from our backyard ( that I have swept over and over again for 24 years!) and leaves of the books I have read.

Love is patient.

Define love? Most of us will refer to the meaning in the bible and its first definition is that love is patient.  I learned this for experience. Heck! You cannot rush love or simply decide one day that you’re in love with a person or simply decide that you love this person. It does not work well like that.  True love builds itself slowly.  Like how parents love their children.

– 9 months of pregnancy. (my sister is pregnant and will give birth soon!)

– prep, grade school, high school, college! ( I just remembered the days when my dad waking up early to drive us to school! all five of us!:)

– years of hard work for their children

I mean love builds itself through the moments shared through time.

Hmm.. Like how bad suitors felt when they were unsuccessful in courting a girl after few years. Uh, that feels so bad. Because every moment of waiting in love invested, every time wasted is feelings dumped and effort made is a gamble to happiness or misery.

What’s the difference between love and lust? Love can wait while lust cannot. It creeps your inside and fuels the desire of fulfilling what you want. Lust  wants it now! It the spur of the moment, when the brain cannot think well, the eyes are blind. But in the end, when lust is fulfilled… It dies out fast.

Love is about taking chances to fall.

Feelings are traitors. It is something that is not loyal to anyone. So we can fall for anyone (within our preferences or personality) if we let ourselves to.  But the moment we let ourselves to fall, it is like a black-hole that sucks us deep, and sometimes we can never stand up with our own – again.

Love of a parent to his child is greater than romantic love between lovers.

Unconditional love versus Mutual Love.  Parents will never abandon their children whatever happens, may it be that they are against the world. While a Husband will leave abandon his love for her wife once caught cheating. The perfect example is the love of God for us. He was willing to let his only begotten child to be crucified. Imagine how was His agony seeing Jesus hurt and killed…

It’s getting late. I have to sleep now.  I have a swim tomorrow. Yesh!

This is it for now. I will write more on this next time.

I have a serious mood today. This article seems to be too serious. stiff.

Anyways, may all have a nice weekend. Ciao!




  1. ” I will get out of my room loving myself more “.

    Certainly the best advice and consolation that you can offer to your self. I am hoping that you would do that kimmy. Stay positive and surely God will give you the best love story ever.

    I love your thoughts. All scars would heal in time, just allow yourself to be loved…….

    • Haha. ang serious naman ng comment mo, talagang sineryoso mo yan ah. =)

  2. Aha.. ganon? sineryoso ka na nga ayaw mo pa. eh pano ka pa seseryosohin niyan. aha.

    May pinaghugutan lang. 🙂

    • saan? 🙂

  3. Wala naman. Joke lang din yon sineryoso mo lang 🙂

  4. and so ur into swimming ndin pla huh.. 🙂 aahhhaa.. dont stress out urslef bout that lovey-lovey thingy, it will come unexpectedly.. lol

    cheers.. 🙂

    • ndi pa. ala pa akong mahanap na pool na malapit tska covered! baka umitim ako e.. haha. meron sa ymca manila, kaso 4 ft! hehe 🙂 oonga, it would come 🙂

      mukang inlab ah. kwento nman 🙂 hehe


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