Posted by: kimmuel | 11/12/2010

like a poem

gino is like a poem-
meaningful when meaningless
wordy in a word,
intermittently superficial
but unceasingly sincere.

yes, gino is like a poem
like a poem, gino is
nevertheless untitled
until we encipher,
every sense of his futility.

Our former staff, Gino, requested a write-up from me for their yearbook. Initially, I said: “yes, I will try” but eventually backing off from the task. This is because I’ve been so busy with things – work and others – and I can’t find time to write something worth reading aloud. Honestly, I even don’t know if I could still write a decent poem.

But because I value his help in our volume, and the awkward feeling of guilt, I tried to write something (see above).

I miss writing poems.

The problem is I lack the emotions to fill it, like how I fill an empty cup. There’s nothing much to write – which is evident in the dwindling posts in this site.

Hmm, but let’s be positive. Maybe, there would come a day that my mouth wouldn’t be enough to express the overflowing thoughts and emotions I have, like how water dams keep the water until it overflows.

yeah, someday. πŸ™‚

(I am really pushing myself to write something here. Haha)

Below is a photo of my beloved Spires people.



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