Posted by: kimmuel | 29/03/2011

Lessons Learned.

Forgive me for the negative post today.

There are events today that made me sad and realize my bad habits these past few years. And, I am reaping the fruits of those habits now. I feel like I was stuck by lightning and just woke up from 10-year sleep.

Today, I learned these lessons the hard way:
(Hmm, I wouldn’t like to divulge these here so I will just use some words as symbols.)

1. Ants
2. Walk
3. Close the door
4. Dream girl in a relationship

Haha. I wouldn’t expect anyone to understand all of those symbols. Anyway, this post should be a reminder for me of this fateful day, that I have given love and was loved in return. Joke! šŸ™‚

Lessons Learned.
Make the best out of it.
Tomorrow is another day.

I am so much blessed and loved.

I am sharing this wonderful video of Kimberly Hahn sharing a story on offering everything to GOD.

Let’s be positive!

God Bless!


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