Posted by: kimmuel | 28/04/2010

of goodbyes and moving on

I have written this emo stuff a year ago,haha.  This may be funny to some, but I really wrote this  from my heart. =)

Please read on.

there were nights when I can’t sleep..
my mind was busy thinking of my what if’s and what could have been..
I was frustrated of what I have done and what I haven’t..

leaving my beloved publication was a hard task..
the final years of my college life was dedicated in building the organization.
from scratch, I with Stephen and some alumnus of Spires rebuilt the publication

from hiring the core members, adding staff, requesting for office,
formulating the constitution and by-laws, releasing the first issue after two years
and the rest was history..

Although I believe we have not done enough to say it was a good job,

but we did all we could..
we did it all for love.

in my case, it was love for poetry.

a year after graduation, I still dream of writing for the publication
still looking forward to see familiar faces at the office
still longing for the old times

but life for me has to move on
and I shall leave things to my former staff..

guys,I may not be around
but forever my love for Spires will remain

please love her as if she’s your first love-
pure, cherished and unending…






  1. 🙂 It’s indeed time to MOVE FORWARD. Big things come for those who are not afraid to take risks.

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