Posted by: kimmuel | 25/06/2010

Dead end


Two roads diverge in a wood,

And I took the less traveled by

And that made all the difference.

Those lines are from Robert Frost and I’m not quite sure if I wrote the exact words. But nevertheless, I’d like to dwell more on its message than its form. (I’m too lazy to google it up.. )

I’m almost in my quarter life and it seems that destiny unfolds itself everyday. Based on how things are right now, I can have a vision of what life is ahead of me. Hmm, it looks just okay but not that good. There’s a lot of things to work on and a lot of hard work is needed.

Thinking these things, two schools of thought come to my mind. Haha. Okay, this seems too serious… actually these are merely assumptions or should I say observations or concepts I got from some books that I’ve read.

1. Life is about taking risks. Sacrifice.

Most successful people are those who took risks. So to be a winner in this lifetime, you should have the courage to gamble.

2. Enjoy every moment of your life. Focus on your core gift.

We must enjoy life, plunge to the present and do what you are good at and do what you love.

But what if you want something for a better reward not for yourself but for your family. (the higher the risk, the higher the return).. But you also don’t want to let go of what makes you happy and fulfilled… you only have one life to live and you don’t want to waste your time and die miserably?

Hmm, I’m thinking it depends on our purpose in this lifetime.

He has a purpose in us, this life is not ours right?

And only in fulfilling that purpose, we will truly be happy.

May we all have the courage to fulfill His will.

cheers! 🙂

weekend na!



  1. one of my favorite poems of all time – the road not taken by robert frost

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

    🙂 i suddenly miss reading poems,,,,,,,,

  2. haha. mail pala words ko. haha! katamad nman kasi magedit pa. 🙂

  3. =) nicey thoughts kuya kimm..
    how can i have a calendar like yours??hehehe

  4. haha. checked your site, may calendar ka nman ah.. hmm. add widgets lang, im not sure kung yung design depende sa layout ng page mo 🙂 hehe tenchu !

  5. nice kimm! love margaret attwood’s poem (while you were sleeping), more about love..hehehe pero is full of sacrifices and risks, and it’s a blessing that we receive a miracle everyday.

  6. Favorite ko din sa Margaret Atwood: 🙂


    Marriage is not
    a house or even a tent

    it is before that, and colder:

    The edge of the forest, the edge
    of the desert
    the unpainted stairs
    at the back where we squat
    outside, eating popcorn

    where painfully and with wonder
    at having survived even
    this far

    we are learning to make fire

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