Posted by: kimmuel | 31/01/2013

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Memories. I’ve been talking and hearing a lot about this topic lately. Yes,memories are wonderful and beautiful. It’s something that’s already a part of who we are. Some of those memories, we choose to forget while holding some tightly. Others, however, have lost to eternity by themselves while some, still lingers to our mind even we wanted them out badly.

Memories. They’re beautiful. I just choose to retain those beautiful moments while forget those that are not. I guess life is like that, let go of those negative things, cherish those positive things and move forward.

So, let’s just enjoy each moment of our lives and create more wonderful and beautiful memories. Well, life is about relationships and our memories remind us of those relationships.

I hope we could someday look back in our lives, smile and say, “What a wonderful gift of life I had. Thank you Father.”

Let’s enjoy each moment of our lives.

What a wonderful world. ❤



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