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2016 Presidential Elections

This would be my last post about anything related to the coming elections on Monday. I know some of my friends are irritated by my posts, likes and shares for the past weeks. Some did like my post and the information I shared. I do believe I helped some in choosing their candidate.

Why I am not silent?

My personal stand is: am I to stay silent, feel good vibes and pretend that everything is well or stand for the truth?… especially in the midst of moral degeneration where the fundamentally wrong is being accepted as right? Am I to stay mum when I have the opportunity to spread the truth? I remember Jesus drove away the buyers and sellers in the temple. I remember EDSA 1 where priests and nuns took a stand. As an SFC, we chose evangelize rather than spend our precious time and energy to other worldly things. Faith without action is dead.


If you’ll notice based on my posts, I am an Anti-Duterte. Give me Mar, Mirriam, Poe wag lang si Duterte or Binay. I must confess I was a fan of Duterte before, I even defended him last year against office friends,  but after some research and reflection, I did have a 360-degree turn.

Why I am not voting for Duterte? These are my main reasons.

  1. Extra Judicial Killings – This is not definitely not acceptable to be. Some supporters argrue that Duterte never admitted it or he cannot do it or it’s not literal. Huwag na tayong maglokohan, under clear skies he said it literally. Let’s not defend and put other meaning sa sinabi niya. He admitted he’s the DDS, he said his presidency will be bloody and 100,000 will be killed and be floating in Manila bay.He even said he will issue pardons to the police and soldiers, including himself! Some said he cannot do it and yet you believe his ‘political will’?

Extra judicial killings will never be acceptable to me. It is against my faith and the teachings of the Catholic Church. I am a sinner and not perfect, but still what is wrong can never be right to me.

I will vote as a Filipino and a catholic as well.

  1. Duterte ties with NPA – This is not acceptable to me. We don’t need this. We’re doing well as a country and we need just to improve. Some say it would bring peace, but I beg to disagree. Socialism/Communism is an ideology far from our democracy right now so how could we negotiate that? If you watch the video with Duterte talking to CPP NPA leader Sison JM Sison, you’ll hear Sison say we’re “ready for coalition”! Nowhere in the video that they talk about their surrender and giving up the struggle.

Also, Duterte giving revolutionary tax to NPA, shouting “Mabuhay ang NPA!” and allowing hero’s burial for an NPA leader are disgusting. It’s like a smack in the face of the AFP and all the soldiers who died in the hands of the NPA. I’m afraid of a civil war or rebellion if he wins.

  1. I doubt his Integrity and Anti Corrupt Campaign. If you’ll research he’s an ally of GMA, and Bongbong Revilla. I don’t hear any anti corruption campaign that he championed before. There’s also issues on the 11,000 contractual workers issue in Davao audited by COA, I’ve read no acceptable alibi. Lately, the bank accounts. He said many things and then retracted later. He’s not even willing to sign the waiver to see the transaction history. He also has a lot of bank accounts which are suspicious. The SALN is definitely not accurate, a lot of hidden wealth/properties. I cannot also forget the multi-million “happy-happy” and he projects himself as someone who lives a simple life! Don’t forget the gifts of the pastor. A lot of issues!
  1. Peace and Order, Morality and International Relations, Economy, Spratly Island… His peace and order platform is anchored in DDS. He even said the famous “3-6 months”. Based on data, Davao city  is still not a crime free and is even in the top three. You can even rely on that data because there is DDS. That’s the 20-year results so how can I believe the “3-6 months” thing?

This  is becoming a lengthy article so I’ll stop here. I a nutshell, there’s a lot of issues in the Duterte presidency.

So why not Mirriam? GMA ally, Corona verdict, no outstanding performance in executive branch, choice of VP.

Why not Poe? Full of nice words but no track record.

Why not Binay? Corrupt, insane plans, Makati is the business center of the Philippines

Why Mar?

  1. Track record in legislative and executive departments.


RA 8759 – establishing in all municipalities a Public Employment Service Office which serves as employment facilitation and information center, and links all job opportunities within the region;

RA 8748 – amending the Special Economic Zone Act by directly allocating to the municipality or city 2% (out of the 5%) gross tax to be collected from the establishments operating in the ecozone and providing for disturbance compensation for persons to be displaced or evicted by publicly-owned ecozones;

RA 8756 – incentivizing the establishment of regional headquarters to encourage investment and operation of multinational companies in the country and to generate more jobs.

Senate Bill No. 2139, which seeks to lower the cost of medicines by amending the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines

‘Lemon Law’, proper labeling of milk, toys, and food products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and stronger safeguards against pyramiding and other similar scams.

Pre-Need Act of 2005, to improve and strengthen industry regulation and safeguard consumer interest.

Education – Personal Computers for Public Schools (PCPS) Program

Trade – increased market access for Philippine exports

Information Technology – Father of the Call Center and Business Process Outsourcing Industries, ‘Make IT Philippines’ and organized the first IT-enabled services (ITES)

Jobs – reopening of the National Steel Corporation, Garment Export Industry Transformation Plan and Assistance Package, Motor/Vehicle Development Program

MSMEs. – SULONG (SMEs Unified Lending Opportunities for National Growth) Program

Consumer Welfare – Tamang Timbang, Tamang Presyo program, resyong Tama, Gamot Pampamilya, ‘palengkenomics’

I wasn’t able to capture , there are BuBs, Lambat Sibat, his performance in DOTC etc. Definitely, he’s the most accomplished candidate.

  1. Untainted Integrity. Unliquidated funds? Yolanda funds? MRT issues? Over-priced patrol jeeps? All of these allegations are without solid basis. I have read through all these issues and none of it prospered in the proper courts. Take note that there’s no hiding in legalities in these issues.
  1. Economy and the BPO. He’s the best man for the economy. Hands-down. No debates here. The fact that his laws and efforts benefited me and the BPO industry, I have to give back to this man. I give credit where it’s due. There’s a lot of dispute in this accomplishment, but I’ve read a lot of sources that he is indeed the “Father of BPO”.
  1. I’m no Aquino apologist,but I believe that Mar is better than Aquino, track record wise and economy wise. He’s said he would have a clean slate and that’s a plus for me. There’s a lot of tirades to Mar about the current admin but I think we must be fair. He’s accounted for only for the scope of his power – DOTC and DILG. Also, he’s the most bashed candidate, all bashes but not backed up by data, the real story. Let’s give him a fair shake guys. I must admit, his PR team did not do a great job. I see a good and hardworking man in Mar Roxas.

Obviously, there are pros and cons for each candidate, but I cannot ever take extra judicial killings, NPA and integrity issues. Yes, we need change but not the drastic change in the Duterte presidency implies. Philippines is in good track. We just need to improve.

On May 9, we will choose our new president. May we discern well and choose the best candidate.

I’ll look back to this choice in the future, my future children and grandchildren may be able to this and I will always be proud of it. This is my vote… as a good Filipino, a loving father and a devout Catholic.

Mar Roxas is my president. God bless us all!


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