Posted by: kimmuel | 20/03/2011


I am less active in blogosphere lately. I’ve been busy with work and all other things. My Sundays are spent at home in Bulacan with my family. We have internet there but I prefer spending the day with my family, after lying in bed all afternoon, and then watch tv all night.

I love my bed there. For me it’s like a cocoon that shelters my body after a tiring week. I really love going home in Bulacan and relax!

But for this week, I am not going home because of some inevitable events.

So, I decided to write something here. It’s been a long time and this blog needs some love.

And, I am lost of words to share now. Haha.

I’ll just share my Friendster testimonials here. I saved all of them to have a back-up in case Friendster finally shuts down.

The following are some testimonials of people whom I met while walking in this world. Some may be true, and some may be full of jokes, but all of these came from their hearts (I guess? Hehe). These are immortalized frames from their minds which are of course, all about me. 🙂

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My Favorite Testi from my friend Haziel:

Something resides beneath his charming smile (which will definitely turn into a grin once he starts reading this:p anyway…). It’s the fact that his smile reaches his eyes and gives them an engaging light.
Something resides beneath the way papers rustle when he arranges them inside the office.
Something resides beneath his manner of slouching on a chair while he listens to his favorite music.
Something resides beneath his honest and sane advice though you’re not really asking for it.
When will I know that something? Or maybe there’s nothing beneath that something.
Perhaps, it will take a bit longer than expected.

After all, these are merely assumptions of something that reside beneath some things.

God Bless us!


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