Posted by: kimmuel | 28/04/2010



Hold me
Don’t let me out of these windows
Of lucid emotions
In shadows
Trapped in this labyrinth
Of confusion
Of  your concealed soul.

Don’t let me fall
In this woman’s grace
That could take me
Lonely in the midst
Of assumed heaven
Seeking through the trails
Of shared moments-
Of make-beliefs
Written in the morning mist

Where I cannot escape
Without death

Hold me
Don’t let me fall.

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  1. No matter how much you do not want to fall, you will still fall if your destined to fall.

  2. wah. Do you believe in destiny?!!

  3. Let your true feelings come out. Many times you hold on it, many times that you hurt yourself too.:(

    • right Grace 🙂 Tula ko yan years ago, emo kimm era haha 🙂

      • emo ka pala last year?! kaya pala..
        now, tears of joy na ba??
        -galing ng poem,

        • may date yung poem Grace, June 7, 2007 12:29 AM 🙂

          • uu nga 2007 mo pa ginawa. peu same moment ka last year nong pinost mo to. db??:p

        • erase. i thought last year. hahahaha.
          years ago pala.Patawad Kimmy.:(

          • no problemo 🙂

            • gracias kimmuel.

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