Posted by: kimmuel | 30/12/2012

Love is a four-letter word



Love is a four-letter word. Well, this post is not about love per se, but rather about a product of love.

This article is about Rafael, my newest nephew, son of my sister Kristine. I have posted articles about my “pamangkins” here so it wouldn’t be fair  enough for “Paeng” or “Baby Boy” to miss a post for him. I just hope he could read this post when He’s old enough to read in the future. And when that happens, he’ll realize that his uncle loves him and that his uncle is a sweet, loving and good man. haha 🙂

I have so many “debt” to baby Paeng. I missed to visit him and pay tribute to him ( He’s the newest prince in our royalty ) when he arrived in this world. I just had too much in my hand that I failed a visit in the hospital. Also, I wasn’t able to spend time  with him that much unlike Nica and Kristoff. I’m just too busy every weekend to be able to go home in Bulacan. I have the same excuses. Haha. Anyways, I have paid my dues through my gifts this Christmas. Good thing I did not missed his Christening. Whew. I may miss some important events in his life but I’ll always be here for him. I love him like Nica and Kristoff. It’s kind of love that’s like duplicated itself through my love for their mothers. It’s looks like we’re going deep here. 🙂

He’s so cute! (like his tito-ninong). He stares at you and seems like thinking always. His smile is so cute (may pinagmanahan.. ehem). He’s the male version of my 2nd sister. Life is surprising and wonderful. Who would imagine a male version of my sister and how would he look like? Whenever I see him, it’s kinda cool because I see my sister- male version. Fasinating! God is really creative! By the way, Kristoff is almost an exact  junior version of his father. Nica is also a version of my 2nd sister except that she’s darker in complexion. While me, I don’t know my version. Haha! Maybe a mixed version from my maternal side of the family. 🙂

I can’t help but imagine if I would have a female version or at least a junior version. Haha. Deep inside me I long for that because I knew up like the odd in the group. Haha. But I have long accepted that fact and I am happy with that.

Lately, RH bill has been passed in the Congress. Sooner or later it will be a law. So sad that the mindset, mentality and morality of my beloved nation would soon be changed, not for the better but for the opposite. We would not see life as a gift but a burden.

I am still optimistic for the future, not for myself alone but for the Nicas, Kristoff and Paengs of the future.

I’d like to share some pics with my cute nephew. 🙂


564844_504598812892972_761424679_n 281541_504603019559218_425562451_n


Life is beautiful. 🙂

Love is a four-letter word is the title of the album of Jason Mraz I am listening right now. 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




  1. He’s so adorable kimmuel…cute talaga ng babies. Continue seeing life as a gift especially when the world tells you otherwise..

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