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Marry me. wala lang, haha. I just thought this is a wonderful song to post even it has no relation to this post, it’s my blog anyway. 🙂 haha.(traces of me being a hopeless-romatic)

This is my 26th birthday post. Yeah, it’s delayed for about a week but nevermind, I’m too busy okay?! Haha, I’ve been using this excuse a lot lately. Well, as a friend told me last month when I blurted out my excuse again, she just replied:”don’t call it busy,you just have different priorities.”

Good point. Yeah, I have different priorities, some are less prioritized than others. That’s when trade-off happens. If I really can’t do two things simultaneously, I forego one. If I can do both, I’ll do both but it would really sacrifice the quality of my work. Good thing I can still do some things at a time and prioritize on the task at hand.

The best is example is the Sunday before my birthday.


*82nd birthday of my lola in Bulacan. Basically it’s lunch until merienda celebration with the family. Big event and I can’t be absent because it’s also my birthday. We have the same birthday – March 12.

* Annie Jane’s Coming Home Dinner. It’s like a reunion with college friends with Annie visiting home and taking an off from work in Australia.

*SFC teambuliding. Once a year event and maybe the last one of our chapter – as a one whole big group. The event is lunchtime to dinner.

*My birthday celebration and reunion with CAT highschool friends and barkada. A very rare event, some of them I have just met again since highschool graduation. Event is late afternoon to dinner.

And the choices are:

I chose my lola’s birthday because my stance has always been towards the family first and it’s really scheduled yearly. Also, I chose to be with my highschool friends and celebrate my birthday. I just weighted how important the event is. So there you go, those are trade-offs.

I have been realizing a lot and life has been showing me and teaching me a lot of things. Information is not a problem nowadays, internet almost gives you all the info you need and all you got to do is search for it, read and do it. Doing “it” or walking the talking or making it happen is the challege nowadays. It boils down to some really important qualities. Success is really built on discipline, will, focus and vision. While life is more on doing something of real value, building wonderful relationships and making something beautiful out of the gift of life, just like the parable in the bible wherein the master gave gold coins to his servants.

Discipline. Focus. I’ve been struggling a lot at these areas. My mind always wander and go somewhere else. Haha. While discipline is a test, EVERYDAY.

Don’t forget the habits, building good habits is really essential in success as well as hard work, learning from past experiences and good choices. Your life is a reflection of your choices.

And of course, that Man above. We must serve and glorify Him.

“Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw near, when you shall say, I have no pleasure in them;
-Ecclesiastes 12:1

Thank you Lord for another wonderful, blessed and great year. I really felt that I am so much-loved. 🙂

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ciao! no words for the day for this post, hehe. 🙂


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