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As his coached had planned, Ryan will box-out their opponents  from the offensive rebound, letting his teammate grab the ball and make the follow-up shot. The Championship throphy was on the line with 8 seconds remaining. His teammate intentionally missed the shot and the ball went up high in the air. He could have grabbed the ball but he did not. His teamate took the rebound and made a fast lay-up then a loud roar was heared inside the stadium seconds later.

Ryan was in the midst of a just-for-fun basketball game with his highschool friends when he received a text message from an old friend. He felt the vibration of his cellphone and sat at the side of the court. These past years, he rarely receive any text from anyone unless it is important.

“Kamusta ka na?”

“Ayos lang. E’to naglalaro ng basketball, as usual.”

“Magkita tayo.”

“Sige ba. Kailan?:)” He repilied to her with a smile.

Ryan is a basketball player. He was in the collegiate league and turned pro after finishing his marketing degree from a reputable school. He is just a role player in his team and was never given the chance of the spotlight. Playing center position, he was always tasked to make rebounds and always pass the ball to his teammate because he was never a good shooter. But he is all contented doing that.

He has this good friend way back in highschool. Actually, this girl is his ultimate crush because of her sweet smile, angelic voice and the way she moves her body. It’s some sort of a body language that caught him. Weird as it may be, he really loves it especially the way she walks in a way so cute for him. They were never a couple but shares a special kind of friendship. She always knew that Ryan had always admired her and secretly loved her. But Ryan never had the chance to court her. She’s  been always in a relationship with his long-time boyfriend of 8 years.

“After all these years, you still look the same.”, he complimented.

“Akala mo lang ‘yon. Yung paningin mo lang kasi ang hindi nagbago.”

Silence engulfed them after those words.

“Tara, kwentuhan tayo sa may coffee shop.”

“Oo ba, basta bawal yung tungkol sa Basketball. Haha!”

They talked about a lot of things. All the momories they shared during highschool and all the things in between until the moment they met again.

“Kamusta na kayo ni Gilbert?”, he asked.

She suddenly cried.

“I just found out yesterday that he has another girl. He been secretly with her for years without me knowing.”

” Sobrang tanga ko talaga. Pangalawang beses na niya akong niloko. Alam mo yun una di ba?”

“Yeah. It was years ago. Nung college pa tayo. I remember it was during the Finals game namin. I thought pupunta ka to watch me play pero you chose to meet him.”

“Yeah. It was the last time we met. I’m sorry if I chose to be with him… but now, things would be different this time.”

“Ano ka ba. Wala yun.”

He just hugged her and gently touched her forehead with a kiss.”


end of Part 1



  1. where’s the second part? bitin,, hehe

    • Naku, pag may time na lang ulit ako. for you i’ll continue this story as soon as my sched permits. thank you for reading Job 🙂 the best ka talaga! hehe

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