Posted by: kimmuel | 27/12/2011

Parable of the King and the Poisoned Well

In a far away city, a wise king rules his people with justice, mercy, and kindness.

In the city is a well of fresh, clear water. This is the city’s only water source and all the city’s residents, including the king, drink from the well.

One night a witch, sent by the king’s enemies from a distant land, poisons the well. All who drink of the poisoned water will be overcome by madness. As she slips away, she is seen by the watchman who guards the well.

The watchman reports the witch’s actions to the king. Morning soon arrives, and before the king has made a decision, the people of the city begin to drink from the well. By noon all the city’s residents, apart from the king and the watchman, have turned mad.

Still the watchman and the king do not drink from the well.

People begin to whisper to one another – the king is behaving strangely lately. Rumour spreads the king has lost his reason.

“We cannot be ruled by a madman,” they say, and come together to overthrow their ruler.

As the rebellion begins, the king orders a goblet of the well’s water to be brought before him. He and the watchman drink from the goblet.

When the mob reaches the hall’s of the palace, the rebellion is quelled and the people rejoice: They see the king has regained his wisdom.


I really find the story very nice. It’s something I can relate to. When reflected upon, the story tells you that there is really madness in this life, that there are things you have to accept to have that sense of belonging in this world.

I have some beliefs that are far different from others, but I can easily forget some of them for more important things – things that are more essential and are more practical. There are indeed bitter realities of life we have to accept, and there are also some dreams we have to let go… and some life that we could only live in our dreams.

Hmm.. I think one of the saddest feeling is to accept something that is unacceptable, to accept that you could not do anything about it and to just let go.

Why am I writing all these?Haha. I’ve wasted time for this! I should be awarded a solatium! Haha!

I have no reason at all and those lines were just random flicker from my mind.

But really, there is madness in this world. The world sometimes make us really foolish and do nonsense things. An example is the useless the piece of cloth we wear at the office. I wish I could make that a handkerchief sometimes, hmmm… but it would be too dirty to display. Haha! Also, that bitter beer we drink and that alcohol we take to make ourselves lose some control. Oh yes, I’m doing all that for fun and for the good times. Too bad the world invented this schemes!

But at the end of the day, the world will be the like itself. There would be bad days and good days, there would always be a wrong timing and there would always we a right time. Sometimes the world would push you, drag you down and sometimes it would lift you up as high as the clouds. But wherever the direction of the wind is, or flow of the river, or the splash of the waves, we have to do what we think is right and the best choice out there. We make our own path and go through it.

hmm, I am on reflective mood today. So deep. Haha! It’s really nice to write some serious things sometimes.

Oh, It’s Karaoke time!

*word of the day: solatium

God Bless! 🙂


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