Posted by: kimmuel | 11/06/2010

Vacation Leave


This is going to be short.

Yesterday, I had my vacation leave to take a break from work and to have some rest. It also gave me time to enjoy simple things in life while still managing my day to be productive. Oh, it was also my mom’s birthday. We did not meet the whole day because she was in the province treating her special day an ordinary work day. My parents are really hardworking. They gave all the best they could for the sake of their children – their usual expression of love.

Hmm,I’m looking forward this weekend for the celebration. Swimming again! Yesh!!!

“my mom with the coooooooooooolest V sign” 🙂

This my mom. The greatest mom in the whole wide universe including the spaces beyond it ( if there’s such). She’s the most wonderful girl I’ve ever met. The girl who has a big permanent space in my heart that no other girl can  ever take. She is my mom… one of the most important person in my life and in my existence. Woohoo. I can’t imagine a life without her…

I admire my mom.

She’s very tough. With all that she’s been through with all these years, she remains sturdy and strong-willed in life. I saw her feeling down sometimes, a day or two, but she never gave up on anything. She will still be up to challenge and emerge victorious.

Her faith in Him has never dwindled.

Maybe He’s the source of her strength. And sometimes, although it is wrong to think this way but I believe she a favorite of that Man above. There has been a lot of times that could prove that, times that you would think that God has saved her or handled things in her favor. Hmm, it is better to think that God has always blessed the people who are true and loyal to Him. I wish I could also have that kind of faith like her.

Trivia: She was dreaming to be a nun when she was a child. (My mom is an angel descended from the clouds above, and my dad caught her with a trap and cut her wings… haha!)  

Oh, she cooks very well. Hmm, I think my taste is designed or patterned after her dishes. So any dish that touches my tongue would be scrutinized by its setup – my mom’s dishes! Any adobo, sinigang or hinalog not close on how her dish tastes like would surely be awful for me. Haha! Oh well, I’m not joking here. It’s the reality.  🙂

I love the way she prepares or arranges things. You know what? I love to sleep in a bed prepared by my mother. It’s like I am soooooo at home, sleeping like a baby.. total rest.. and sleep.. wooo.. This seems odd but really, there are some things that you used to see and used to feel.. on how things are.. seems odd still? Haha.

I love her the way she was brought up. The ways she thinks and how she acts, the way of living or the norms and culture she has. She not that ordinary girl seen in the streets. She has this upbringing that’s very classy although she is not a bicolana born with a silver spoon.  

Ijusy love the way she is. I love the way she talk. The way she handle people. The way she scold and discipline us. The way she cares. The sweetness of her personalityand her voice. The way her eyes lit up in a happy moment. The way she make kurot-kurot us, even with her toes. (I can also do that.. hehe) The way she hugs us. The way she make lambing lambing. The way she encourages me to achieve. The way she sleeps. ( She was with me all the time when I was sick). The way she kisses, those mamasa-masang kiss. hehe.. the way she teases me : ay iiyak na.. when I was a child.. haha I love the small talks we have.. especially these times that we don’t have much time..

Just recently, I caught my mom smiling while staring at me while I was swimming. That smile.. so nice that I can’t forget…

Oh,I just love the wholeness of her being.

Although just like any child growing up and discovering that their parents are not Superman and Wonderwoman living together, I also know that my mom is not perfect.

But her imperfection makes me love her more,

because her imperfection is a part of her,

and I love just the way she is. 🙂

Mom, this is going to be short:




so much.

Happy BirthdayMom!  🙂 

May the Almighty God bless you always and give you a long and wonderful life. 

Cheers! 🙂



  1. gay. haha but nonetheless, GUJAB.

  2. Nice kimmy. Any mom would be proud to have a son like you.

    Nice blog, i nearly cried eh.. galing sa puso.. 🙂

    • haha. shempre naman 🙂

      • aha. haven’t seen you for a long time ah.

        Hope you’re doing well…

  3. my pics ako sa facebook ah..

  4. nice kimmy. Sobrang nakakatouch. Dama ko. hehehe.

    • thanks partner! 🙂

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