Posted by: kimmuel | 22/07/2010


Last night, I spent hours watching rap battles on Youtube. Haha. I’m not into rap but I appreciate poetry a lot. Altough in my own opinion, rap is not on the level with poetry but is  similar in the aspects of rhyme, the expression of oneself in a creative and unconventional manner, and the ability to tickle our minds.

But poetry is into more profound things, with substance and emotions.

I enjoyed watching these kind of videos and even imagined myself participating in a battle. Haha. I think I can do good because of my passion in poetry. But I am not really into rap and tend to exclude rhyming in my poems because it requires a lot of  effort finding the right words. Hehe

Here is the most decent (R13) video of a pinoy rap battle I found on Youtube. Enjoy! 🙂


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