Posted by: kimmuel | 23/08/2010

Heavy Rain

This is a sad day for our country.

I did not plan to blog today but the news broke my heart and I just want to release these thoughts off my mind.

It saddens me to know that a former policeman, who we expect to serve and protect the people, and at least have some sense of nationality or love for country, hijacked a bus full of foreigners and placed the whole country to international shame.

Add the SWAT, who handled the crisis badly. Hay. They handled it for 12 long hours! Do we have any snipers in the country? Kahit isa lang naman, sana meron tayo!!!

I just hope that the world sees this as an isolated case. Good luck to Philippine tourism.

On the other hand, I think this  could be some price we are paying because of the reforms in the government.

But still, we failed this one. We failed to protect our visitors.

This issue led me to rethink my future in this country. Is my family and my future family still safe in living here? With all the pollution, the crimes and  corrupt government, is it still worth staying?Hay.

One thing is for sure, this event is a lesson for us. A reflection on how badly this country needs reform.

I just hope this brings positive change for us…

The clouds are crying hard. Indeed, a sad day for the Philippines.



  1. people are stupid

  2. A+ would read again

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