Posted by: kimmuel | 06/08/2010

Old Self


This is my second post for the day. I have been surfing the blogosphere this late at night (actually umaga na!) and I was quite inspired to backtrack my blogging life.

I divulged in a previous post here some of my previous/inactive blogs in blogspot:

But hold on guys, I am revealing another one! 🙂

This blog is quite old. I can’t remember if this is my first blog. But probably it is, because it is as old as Friendster. And as we all know, internet boom here in the Philippines was pioneered by that social networking site. And during those days, we only get ourselves online just to check our friendster or chat at YM.

It’s quite funny to read my old blog. Aside from my poor english ( it’s quite obvious here that I am not good in English and I am just trying hard.. in the hope that someday I might improve 🙂 ), my old thoughts and way of thinking are laughable.

Imagine, I was  expressing my thoughts in a jejemon language way before its discovery in circa 2010! Haha.

And my “Tulog-Kuko Theory” which could be a basis of evolution of the entire mindkind! Astonishing isn’t it?

And my past frustrations and failures.

Whew. It’s a wonderful feeling to look back to our former self and realize that all our pressures, pains and random shoutout to life have become memories of the past. Those moments became dream-like thoughts in our mind, gently fading in time and will eventually left no space in our mind.

But those former pains feels empty now. Feels like it was filled now by acceptance and gratitude to the past. It seems that those pains embraced the wholeness of my being, that it sifted to my skin deep until absorbed fully… that I could not feel it anymore.

It’s a wonderful feeling overcoming those pains.  The feeling is like a rainbow after a rain – moist but refreshing.

Indeed, life is still beautiful.

Hmm, I should  repost some articles from my inactive blogs next time.

Ciao! 🙂



  1. haha,,nabasa ku n yung tulog-kuko theory mo!! mali yun kim,, mali,, hehe,,

    • haha. bakit nman mali job? 🙂 tama yun, tama!

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