Posted by: kimmuel | 13/09/2011

My “The Spires” Story (Part 2)

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The release of “The Spires” in March 2007 was a successs. Students lined up in the distribution areas to get their copies. We were then required to give an account on how many students got their copies and give a report to OPSA. There were some irregularities that the Prof. Pedrajas didn’t like so she refused to sign the the required form to release payment to the publishing house. In an instant, we were facing a huge P180,000 debt from our Printing Press. We were facing a huge pressure from our printing house and a possible lawsuit, or kick-out from the college. Luckily, there were changes in the administrators of the college during that summer.

Prof. Matilde Santos succeeded as the new Prefect of Student Affairs, the same professor that we asked to be our Technical Adviser that same summer. With her innate support for The Spires, her office agreed to sign the release of the funds and pay the publishing house and support our cause.

Our anxieties were over and it was the time to focus on building the publication. With the help of Ramon and Willy, we formulated the Constitution of The Spires. This paved the way for the adminitration to fully recognize The Spires as a separate publication from the The Bedan, and to be listed as one of the three publications of the college.

On the start of the new school year, we, as the remaining members of the Spires, elected ourselves to the different positions in the publication and started the recruiting of new members. All of us were graduating in that same school year.

Prof. Santos recommended Prof. Catalina Tiu to our Technical Adviser and so we invited her. We requested for an office and was given one, though with no own aircon.

At the first semester of the school year, we have recruited Daryl Josol, Abbie Banigoos, Johaima Panumpang and Nikki Coronado. Second semester came and during the CORWEEK, we had Irene Tan, Leo Mendiola, Sas Apolonio and Haziel Avellanosa. Interview week came Gino Galang and Candice Santayana. We had a full force of dedicated staffers!

(To be continued…)


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