Posted by: kimmuel | 27/07/2010

Parliamentary System


I learned in this life that our choices changes through time.  As we mature and learn from different experiences, the wisdom of behind our decisions change. We become smarter and more intelligent which is reflected to our newer choices.

I had a couple of  bad choices in the past which I thought were the best during those times.

Well,at least I am a lot smarter now.  🙂

I am changing my stance regarding Charter Change.

After seeing the result of the last elections, I was horrified to know that Former President Estrada almost won. Thank God he did not win!

It’s depressing to know the choice of millions of Filipinos and I am afraid that someday this will instance will be happen again in a time when there’s no Aquino Magic that would spare us from hell.

So after some readings, I thought we should give a try to a newer system.

Parliamentary System of Government :

– Leaders would not be elected based on popularity but on competence and leadership.

– Better leaders could lead the Party ( like Sonny Belmonte ) becuase incompetent people cannot go up to the party leadership ladder.

– First world nations adopt this system. It is a the modern system of government and I bet it is good. We actually use a primitive version of a government system.

But even if we change our system of government without changing our values and mentality as a people, this country will not improve. We need a change in the system as well as change within ourselves.

I am still hopeful for the  future of our country.

For more enlightenment, read this:

Ciao! 🙂



  1. do u have a twitter

    • nope. 🙂 Maybe soon…

  2. I agree pare

    • tama!

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