Posted by: kimmuel | 03/05/2010

election fever

Finally, after years of waiting, GMA is stepping down from the presidency. It seems a lifetime of waiting. Woohoo. 9 years. Her administration is one of the worst in history of Philippine Government. Although, I must admit, she had her achievements and milestones in the government especially in terms of the economy and infrastructure projects.  She is indeed a hard worker but what must be noted is the long-term effect of her legacy.

During her time, corruption was prevalent. We became the most corrupt country in the world. Delikadesa was non existent. Laws were violated. scandals. political killings. private armies. moral degeneration. These issues became usual during her time, and these makes the country’s future dimmer. It looks like we must start again from scratch as a people. Our morals and norms are at all-time low. It seems hopeless, but we still have a chance to change things.   

Well, enough of the past. We must move on.

On May 10 of this year, we will have the chance to elect someone who will lead the country to a better future. I hope we can make the right choice this time.  I think we should finally make our choices based on integrity, performance and vision and not by mere popularity and genealogy.  And I believe Dick Gordon is the best choice.

I’ve been reading a lot from the internet for quite sometime to make myself informed and have the best choice. There was a time I was for Noynoy purely because of integrity. But I’ve changed my mind. We must choose the best and not the mediocre. Our country deserves the best, and the best choice is Dick Gordon.

Dick Gordon is a transformer. His track record and performance in government is second to none. Nonetheless, his integrity is unquestionable. I can’t find any reason not to vote for him. He’s been true to his promises, and I believe in my heart, that is can bring change. Subic. Olongapo. Wow Philippines. Red Cross. Blue Ribbon Committee. Automated Elections law and many more. Indeed no other candidate can beat his resume.

Gibo? Yeah, he’s intelligent and a good speaker, but what we need is leadership and action. Someone who can walk the talk. Are we to gamble our votes on speeches and promises?  Experience?  He has 9 years in Congress with few laws regarding local roads, and 2 years as Secretary of Nat’l Defense with political killings and private armies in his time. Mediocre.

Noynoy? 12 years in Congress, not a single law authored passed. Corrupt? No. Did his job well?No. Started the crusade against corruption?No. He can’t even go against his clan.  The best choice?Definitely, No.

Villar? Corrupt. He earned billion pesos in C5 road extension project. Another GMA in the making.

Erap?Hell!  No way.  Jueteng Lord!

Villanueva? Experience is necessary in any job. Are we to gamble to his nice words and promises? Of course, not!

I’ve been loosing sleep for the past few weeks campaigning for my candidate in the web. I just hope it’s all worth it.

Please people, think.

Whatever happens, I know I have chosen the best for my country. I did my job well. My vote will never be a waste beacuse I voted for the best.  

And because of this, my heart rests.

May God bless the Philippines.



  1. I agree, GMA 2nd female president of the ROP, yet she failed to uphold the role of the supposed to be “ilaw ng tahanan” of our country. Remorseful as it may be. We still have hope. Hope is in the hand of our next president. I agree with you that GORDON is the best choice for PRESIDENT because of his exemplary record both in the public and private sector. He may be far behind as what most survey says but what’s most important is that we won’t have any regret in the choice we made.

    Election Day is over but hopefully our next president would bring the change we need in the current government system.

    Even though it may not be Gordon as we have hoped for, let us still show our support to the next president.

    • tama tama 🙂

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