Posted by: kimmuel | 21/08/2010

Boxing vs. MMA

Yay. This is a different side of me.

Enough of the gentle, sentimental and huggable me. Haha. At least for this post. 🙂

Yes. I’m a huge fan of  Boxing! Ever since I was a child, I already enjoy watching boxing.  Actually, I got this love for boxing from my lolo. When he was still alive, he loves going to our house and invade our TV set. We only have one TV back then. So all of us, me and my siblings, have no choice but to go out and play, go to the living room and let our angst and disappointment subside or go to our cousin’s house and eat our childish pride just to watch our favorite cartoon on TV . Haha.

Hay, that’s all we could do. So we missed a lot of episodes of batibot, Ang TV and other cartoon series that our playmates/cousins talk about.

But we could watch boxing and basketball or the news that tata loves to watch. Sometimes me and my brother stayed at the sala to watch these matches. And soon, we came to appreciate it, all the grace and science of boxing.

So, this is some sort of inheritance from our lolo. 🙂

This Sunday, I look forward to the UFC event : Boxing vs MMA.

But the event title is a misnomer! It’s actually an MMA fight, with all the rules of MMA applied, with a former boxer and an MMA fighter. I guess you can’t really say it’s a Boxing match, I think it should be Boxer vs. an MMA fighter. Haha.

But surely, if in a strict sense,  it would look like a gross mismatch because the boxer will use heavier gloves and would not kick, grapple, wrestle, use his knee – just plain old two-fisted attack.

Hay. MMA is just soaring high these days. Hmm, I think MMA will win tomorrow given all the advantages.

But my heart resides to boxing. It’s the  sweeter science between the two.

But honestly, these combat sports are really bad. The health is being put to line in these events.

I am bias, I know.

But as long as there are strict regulations for boxing, as long as that there are safety nets, as long as there are the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Erik Morales, Juan Diaz and Amir Khan who represent boxing as a decent, noble and real sport, I would continue to be a fan.

Good luck to boxing tomorrow! Give MMA the haymaker it deserves, just like this:

Let’s enjoy the weekend. 🙂



  1. matagal pa pala to. badtrip. 🙂

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