Posted by: kimmuel | 20/06/2010

I’m back.

Shaken but undaunted.

A line from a friend that he utterred when he was in the midst of a personal problem. And those words had left an imprint in my mind since then.

These past few weeks had been tough for me.  So I held on to those words, I stood my ground and felt the rain… because deep in me, I know, this too shall pass.

And so it did.. slowly.

This week had been better compared from the past weeks and I hope that the coming weeks are better!

Positivity 🙂

Awoo Awoo!

It’s Father’s day today!!!

We just had a simple day. No dine out for the family but mom, dad and my younger brother spent their day in the mall shopping tiles for the floor!? Haha. My dad is a simple dad. He doesn’t like celebrations too much. He’s kuripot in a nice way but I never felt  deprived in my whole life.

Actually,my mom and dad both grew up in a big and poor families.

Hmm.. looks like it’s my dad’s turn in this blog.

Haha.. let me BRAG the wonderful story of my dad. 🙂

My dad as haligi sa swimming pool with his children.

Ayun ako oh. Haha!

My dad came from a family of a farmer in Meycauayan, Bulacan.

My lolo is a farmer but he is not that ordinary type because he had been an office clerk for sometime. He speaks english very well and is admired in our baranggay. He is one of the elders there and because of his intelligence, people sought advice and help from him.

But he is a strict father. (my lolo)

As a child, my dad is so kulit. He frequently engage in brawls (babag in tagalog). He doesnt fear anyone, even grown ups. Until one day, my lolo learned from his kapitbahay that my dad frequently bullied other kids. (haha!)

So my lolo disciplined my dad like never before. It was the first time that my dad felt fear.

Haha! Imagine that! Kids usually fear anything! the mumuu and the likes!

But nevertheless, he still a good son. He helps in household chores as well as helping my lolo in the farm. (they are  only tenants.)

I remember him sharing stories how beautiful nature was in Bulacan.

He can still picture in his mind how it was, where the Sinigwelas, Kaymito and Santol stands, where they used to swim and where part of field they go to let the carabaos eat grass.

He loved climbing tress especially Bayabas and Sinigwelas. He frequently stays at the top eating the fruits while relaxing and enjoying the view. (Awesome!) And sometimes, he was paid for every sack of santol fruit he fills.

He also told us how he enjoyed swimming in the river with his brothers. They frequently go there to fish and trap prawns. They also get the labong (young bamboo shroots) nearby.

He loves the nature  in Bulacan before – that was the frequent topic in our Sundays lunch.

Still, while growing up, he’s one of the sigas in highschool but he never took forgranted his studies. He was good in math and so pursued engineering in college. He shifted to accounatcy early on because he realized that it is not his calling to be an engineer. He had this drawing class that traumatized him. hehe

But college life was not easy for him… financially.

There was a time he was expecting his brother ( a seaman) to support him in college but got married early.

That news broke his heart and he really cried hard.

But with so much detrmination to take college, he found a way to enroll. He stayed with his tita at the town center and worked as a helper. He arranges softdrink cases everynight and helped around in his tita’s lugawan after classes. Then there came a time when he had an opportunity to became a security guard of a rich family in our town, he garbbed it and found himself solving accounting problems during his night duty.

Later on, he bacame a security guard of a bank while taking his final years in college.

Then finally, he graduated.

He was absorbed by the bank not as a security guard but as an accounting staff.

And the rest is history.


Woohoo. My own hardships are nothing compared to him.

All I have to do in college is just to study hard. Haha!

And because of his years of determination, the life path of his son (me!) had changed.

I had a great time in college! Thanks to my dad. 🙂

I am so proud and grateful of my father. All I have rooted from him. He gave it all to us. He always gave his best.

He sacrificed a lot for us.

No words are enough to thank him.

But this blog is my small way of thanking him.

My dad may not be a perfect father as no one is, but all his safcrifices and hardwork are enough to convince me that He is the best in my eyes. Fathers may not be expressive like my dad, they don’t hug a lot, or say “I love you” often, but through their way, hardwork and sacrifices,they could express it better.

Sometimes, we must open our eyes a lot bigger and see things through their meaning.

With the inspiration of my father, I am looking forward,with so much excitement and thrill, to be a father someday.

I love you Di.

Happy Fathers’ Day!

May the Lord bless you with a long and wonderful life.




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