Posted by: kimmuel | 11/06/2010

take back

I am taking back my words.

Haha. This  is another payment for my dues here – a blog about the recent plans of Noynoy Aquino.

As we all know, he has been proclaimed by the Congress as the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines, the highest and most powerful position in the land. With the overwhelming support of 15 million Filipinos, he was  catapulted to the presidency and made history by being the second offspring (haha!) of a former president.

Hmm.. that’s the trend nowadays.. Should we expect Bongbong Marcos?Jinggoy?or even  Mar Roxas?

I hope not. We are blessed with a population of 90 million which means we have lots of choices, a lot of gift of leadership showered by the heavens to our people.

Anyways, let’s not forget what we already have in our hands – Noynoy.

In his recent reports, some of his plans were made public. I expressed in my previous blog how dismayed I was when I heared the news. But I am taking back those ill feelings as well as my words. 🙂

These are just mere plans so I wouldn’t want to worry that much. I’m sure those would be taken seriously by his advisors (sisters included!) and as we have always witnessed, he could change his mind.

Worrying. I remembered from a book that the word originally means “to wrangle”.

So let’s stop wrangling ourselves to things that has yet to happen.

I look forward for a good government under his administration.

I am optimistic.

I am a stake holder of the economy.

I believe.

I support.

May God bless the Philippines.

Good night! so sleepy na! Hehe 🙂



  1. I may not like NoyNoy as president but if his progrmas would really benifit the majority i would nevertheless give my support to the said programs.

  2. like! 🙂

  3. hehe.. parang facebook lang kimmy 🙂

  4. ndi nmn bawal e 🙂

  5. may sinabi ba akong bawal??? haha

  6. wala din nman akong sinabing may sinabi kang bawal. 🙂

  7. but that is what your implying.,., by sayimg hindi naman bawal….

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