Posted by: kimmuel | 11/02/2012

Valentines II

This is my 2nd Valentines post here in my blog. As usual, I am still single and available. Haha! Maybe next year, I could post my girlfriend’s pic here… or maybe not.. Hehe. I hope I’ll not be so busy by that time. I am so busy and with full sched these days. Woohoo! I tried to post an article now because I’ll be so busy next week.. I have a midterm exam and a trip to Bohol next week.. and I am in the midst of a review right now. What am I doing here?! Haha! I have lots of activities for SFC, bundled with more tasks at work and school.

I really miss dating. It’s been a looong time. Hmm, I’m just too careful lately… Oh well, I’ll date my calculator, my notes and my books! I have to study for my exam on Valentines day! I’m such A Loser…

Hmm, but I really don’t feel dating anyone right now. I’m just too busy for that! (yet I the time to blog… hehe)

I should spend more time on myself and love myself more. I am getting fatter and fatter… more time for myself first!

Well, I am really preparing myself to the good things to come. 🙂

I found an article in a friend’s Facebook wall. It’s really a good one. I’ll share it without the author’s permission. Hehe!

Yeah, I’ll meet my pair soon… that’s why I’m preparing myself. Hehe!

I won’t give up, my love.
I won’t settle if it’s not you. 🙂


Ciao! God bless!

Let’s always remember that we’re so much blessed and loved. 🙂



  1. ganda ng video at ng song!

    well at least you are happy and still in love di ba. i wish na next year may ka-date ka na nga.

    maka-wish nga rin ng ganyan hehehe

    • thanks sa visit! slasher star! 😉 sa uulitin ha 🙂

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