Posted by: kimmuel | 30/12/2012

Challenging 2012

Challenging – this how I describe my 2012. Actually, that’s the first adjective I thought of when I asked myself what 2012 had been for me. Yes, it all began with a challenge.

January-March 2012

The year started with my 2nd term in my graduate school life. I took some heavy subjects and went to full load for a part-time student. It was quite a struggle for me but all went well in the end. Balancing work, school, family and service is quite hard really. Especially in a time when your just adjusting to the new horizons in your life. I actually went to SFC International Conference 2012 last February all stressed out. It was a time for me to have a break with all the busyness. On the other hand, I remember spending sleepless night with my DLSU friends for group work and reports. Haha. There was a time we did not sleep for a report and it’s a good thing that the presentation went well. We were really challenged that night.

Also, during the start of the year, it was a challenge to spearhead the Prison Ministry of our chapter and tried to revitalize the service with the help of my Mission Ministry heads and my SFC friends. It was like a turning point in my service life, where I was deeply humbled and realized that I am so much blessed and loved. At the same time, it was a challenge to lead a service that was something new to me.  Thanks to the Prison Ministry Core team, we did a good job.

I missed the SFC Team building because of conflict in schedule with my Grandmother’s birthday. I hope I could join next time. In the office life, I was finally given an office laptop together with more work, work and work. Call that being blessed!

April-June 2012

There were a number of times I did not I accept the challenge in front of me. There were dilemma and fears. But still, I don’t regret my choices in those times because I just followed my heart and my discernment. I think those were good choices. God has always given us the wisdom to choose. What’s important is our commitment to the choices we took. There would be a time and a reason for everything under heaven.

This time of the year is not only about the dilemmas, there we great blessings too! Like Nica’s 2nd birthday and I had good performance at work. School work was getting manageable in this period of the year maybe because I was really getting used to it. Also, Mission activities in SFC were at high and I was loving it. It’s like faith working and moving. As a bible verse says, faith without work is dead.

July – September 2012

When it rains, it pours. This quarter of the year was full of blessings and challenges. Let’s start with the blessings. In this quarter I was given a recognition at work for a good performance for the previous quarter.  Also, in my graduate school life, I completed the my 1st year which means the completion of a diploma in Financial Engineering. I was so happy to finally complete that after all the hard work and sleepless nights. Finally, I am achieving something and something is happening in my life. There’s another line I could indicate in my Education section of my resume.

I had another break from all the stress with the MMC Lucena 2012! I actually felt so sick mixed with lack of sleep before going to Lucena. The event really poured healing to me and revitalized me.

On the other hand, there were new challenges. I was anointed and appointed as a new Unit Head in Singles for Christ which means that I have new responsibilities that are larger in scale than my previous post. I accepted the challenge with a happy heart, faith and trust in Him. Also, when one of our leaders mentioned that if I could be a the next Team Head for the next Christian Life Program, I did not hesitate to take the job because I felt it was the right time to finally say  yes to the service.

So we started with a bang! Met with the team, planned and did our best for the service. We did some gimmicks and faithfully gave flyers every thursday. During September in our the first four talks, attendance was great. We made the room full. We were so blessed to be an instrument of God.

October – December 2012

Let’s start with the negative side first. My first business failed to run smoothly after some months because of legal issues. Maybe it was not the right time. We could do nothing about it and it would be costly to go to court. I am still positive in owning a business though.

My fourth term in graduate school felt the lightest load ever. I wanted to have some break or some rest in school and the last quarter of the year gave me just that.

On the other hand, in service, there were pressures, failures and challenges. The weather is not really cooperating with us and we had a hard time maintaining the original number of participants. A lot of events were going on in SFC and the parish so we had to adjust and make things work, of course with faith in Him. Praise God we did a good job and had a good number of graduates. I also think that we had given them a good service in their CLP. I would admit that there were some things we could have done better but we have to look at the brighter side of things and take the lessons that comes with all the experience. I feel that the we made God proud. Thanks to the CLP Core Team and the whole chapter for a great CLP journey. I also won King of the Night and Mr. Fasionista in our CLP Lord’s day celebration and SFC Chapter Christmas party. So blessed! Hehe 🙂

In my office life, I won a Macbook  Air – our company’s Christmas party raffle grand prize! I actually prayed for it before my name was called in the raffle. I felt it was really for me and He gave it to me as a gift after all of my service this year. And of course, the faithful tithe giving! What a great reward! I am typing this blog post using my Mac. Hehe!

Well, we should not forget the my personal life. Haha! Last quarter of the year, I finally was able to get to know more about my big crush. We shared some stories, late night chats, some secrets and good friendship. It’s been almost been a year since I had a crush on her.  Each day that passes is a chance get to know her more. The more I discover things about her, the more beautiful and wonderful of a woman she becomes in my eyes. I really like her. However, there were some challenges and risk to take and I willingly took them. I know that it would be always be worth it.  Life is beautiful! 🙂

I am ending the year with a happy and grateful heart. Thank you God for all the blessings, guidance and love. I feel so much loved and cared for. I sometimes think that I am one of His a favorite children.. hehe. Thank You and I love You!

Let’s all look forward for another wonderful year, with hope, faith and love!


I love this pic! Yes, I am a gentleman and will always be.

PS: I am postponing my new years resolutions post, I have to sleep now. It’s already 430am. Hehe!

Goodnight! 🙂



  1. tama bro… thanks for being my friend in the community… We will support you for your personal life. Godbless..

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