Posted by: kimmuel | 06/01/2013

Taking Chances, Loving Yourself and Living in the Moment

This week has been a roller coaster ride for me. There were a lot of surprises! There were events that were amazing enough to make you smile all by yourself and wander to dreamland. Enough of that silly lines! haha! However, there were big decisions done and choices to make. I really hope I chose the right path.

Taking Chances

“Hindi mo malalalaman kung hindi mo susubukan.” “Hindi ka mananalo kung hindi ka tataya.”

The above statements are reminders of taking risks. I am mastering Financial Engineering at grad school so I must be familiar with the risk that every investment has. The question is how much the investor is willing to take? In Portfolio Management we have that optimum portfolio that has right risk for the right return. Don’t forget the BASEL III in Risk Management which was created as safeguards to bankruptcy and prevention of a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis. So, why am I discussing this? Wala lang. Haha. I just want to emphasize that I am familiar with risks.

But I have some decisions that are seems too risky but I am willing to take. All in! I’m just not looking at that perspective. Take chances. 🙂

Loving Yourself

Yes, taking chances is good but not always-slash-all the time. You also have to consider yourself – if you’ll able to meet the goals without sacrificing health, time, work-life balance or even happiness. Recently, I made that kind of decision. I know that I could lose that opportunity. I just knew it was not the right time to take that path. I am hopeful that the opportunity knocks on my door again next year. For now, I’ll focus on the things at my hand and remember to love myself. Thank you for that someone who reminded me of that. 🙂

Living in the Moment

Enjoying every moment of your life is really ideal. However, there are times you have to choose what is important and what are the things you are willing to give up. Yes, there are sacrifices at stake in life and you have to choose. The question is, would those sacrifices make you happy and live in the moment as well as the people in your life? Would God be happy seeing you like that? Time is one of the most important things you have. It is something you cannot take back. We all don’t want to waste time. We all want to savor the moment and enjoy the ride. Something of too much is bad. 🙂

At the end of the day, we make our own choices in life. The future is ours to take so let’s take charge of our future and destiny.

Well, I decided to be on the right balance of things. I decided to give up some things and held some. As I have said to a dear friend, “learn and appreciate the past, target good goals for the future and live and enjoy the present. 🙂

Let’s live to the fullest. we only have one shot to life.
Life is a gift.

I posted this MV again! LSS!



  1. Yes, truly life is gift. Cheers, brother!

    • thanks brad! 🙂

  2. Nosebleed on the Portfolio Management part..:p I thought you’re posting your homework na..aha!

    I can feel how you are loving your life on this post (good vibes). Enjoy the ride Kimmuel! GodBless…

    • Thanks Maj! 🙂

  3. YOLO sabi nga nila. lol take chances, then learn from “the experience” brader.

    • aprub brad! hehe! bilib ako sayo bro 🙂 galing!

  4. hehe. di naman. baka it’s in HIS plan lang. regards bro!

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