Posted by: kimmuel | 12/04/2011


After almost 3 long years of alcohol deprivation, I finally decided to drink again. It was on my 25th birthday, and I was celebrating with my high school buddies when I finally gave in to this liquid temptation.

It has been a long time. The last time my lips touched an alcoholic beverage was on circa 2007, when we had a late-night bonding session with my The Spires friends. I remember back then, that I only drank two bottles of beer. And every drop of it tasted like a poison to my body. I just felt my body was rejecting every drop of it.

I didn’t know that I was sick.

After few months, I was diagnosed with a disease that took four months of my career, and the time for me to recover took more months. I was advised by my doctor to take care of my body and not to drink too much alcohol or stay up so late at night.

That advice was two years ago, I only came back to her January 2010 and she scolded me for not taking care of myself. Haha!

But I was completely recovered since then.

I believe I am healthy now, with my bulging tummy. 🙂

Well, I decided to drink again because I believe I should give in sometimes to the requests of my friends and loved ones, just for the sake of bonding and having a good time. I wouldn’t drink too much anyway, few bottles wont hurt. Of course, I would only drink for MAJOR MAJOR special occasions.

Well, my belief is that it isn’t necessary to drink just to have a good time. I personally believe that we hurt ourselves in a way when we drink beer especially when we drink too much. It’s a good feeling because it’s like we’re masochist, feeling the bitterness and appreciating its taste. That’s why when were down, a lot of us drink too much to feel the bitterness more, hurt ourselves more and enjoy a facade of a great time – a superficial happiness, an escape to reality. Just because it feels good, we are willing to hurt our bodies.

That’s how the world does it.

And sometimes, when your friends and family request you to do the same, you’d feel ashamed of not giving in. Killjoy.

We must go with the flow sometimes. I remember my dad asking me to drink a couple of glass with him and my uncles but I refused.

I just thought it was a bad decision. A couple of bottles won’t hurt. If I just joined them, maybe I’d be closer to them and enjoyed a great conversation with them. It was a bonding time missed.

That is why I am changing my stance.

Few beers = Great bonding.

For my family and close friends, I would be willing to drink again. I just have to limit it and be in control.

So I am looking forward to spending great times with my family and friends, in expense of some beers and beliefs.

My High School Barkada



God Bless!



  1. minsan di naman masama ang pag-inom.. just enjoy and dapat sa tiyan ang diretso ng alak hindi sa ulo,…

  2. are you on linkedin?

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