Posted by: kimmuel | 11/07/2011


Last Saturday, I took an off in the office and SFC just to attend to my niece’s 1st birthday celebration. It’s an important event because it will be the first in the family and of course to show support for my sister. I really have no idea how would the party play-out. It turns out that it was a great one.

Almost all the kids and the babies of the Fidel clan attended. It’s nice to see that the family is growing. My cousins’ sons and daughters were all there, playing with their second-cousins. Yeah, it was a spectacle to see. Last time I checked, we were the ones playing in those parties, participating with all the parlor games, singing and dancing. Well, time flies so fast and life continues.

Next time, it’s my kids’ turn to do all of that.

It’s quite a hassle to organize events like that. I did see a lot of things to be improved on next time. I just realized that being the eldest and the youngest in the siblings has it’s own perks.

The eldest usually becomes a good leader, experiences life first and has command over other siblings. Also, the eldest usually has the newest clothes and books.

On the other hand, the younger siblings enjoys the pleasure of just following the orders. No stress over responsibilities and cannot be blamed by parents when things go wrong. But, the younger siblings inherit the old books and others of the older ones. The good thing is the older ones can help you in studies and you can have a lot of realizations over the experiences of the older siblings that you can apply in your own life.

This post is becoming so deep. Ocean deep – I’m so afraid to show my feelings, I have sailed a million ceilings, Solitary room, Ocean deep – will I ever find a lover. Maybe she has found another and as I cry myself to sleep I know this love of mine I’ll keep – ocean deep. 🙂

Anyways, I just had a bad hair day today, i mean bad day… my hair looks bad everyday. 🙂

Below is my cute niece. Yeah, it runs in the family. hehe

It’s been one year since this post!

Hmm, I am looking forward to the time Nica would able to read this post! I think I deserve a kiss 🙂

Your tito loves you.




  1. Sweet!

    Nica is sooo cute….why not post your picture with her?aha

    • hmmm.. ndi ko pa napapascan eh, okay na siguro yan 🙂 thanks!

      • Aha! Scan at post mo din..para makita nilang super cute talaga ni Nica..ahaha

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