Posted by: kimmuel | 18/08/2010

Stop and Smell the Flowers

This is going to be just a short update.

I have been busy with my another blog and still need to give time to it because I haven’t reached of what I envisioned it to be. (ang labo..haha)

So, this blog will receive a little less love from me. Well, in the coming days I plan to post here my drafts, that are accumulating dust in my folders.

The highlights of my week were the House Holds I attended and the wonderful Metro Manila Leaders Assembly in Guadalupe (Makati?). Those events just poured in so much healing in my soul. Thanks to SFC. 🙂

This struck me real hard:

Stop and smell the flowers.

Yeah, we must remember to enjoy our life and value what is today.

Appreciate every blessing! Live today, as in now!

So let’s smile more, stop and smell the flowers.

God Bless!

btw, nice article here =>



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