Posted by: kimmuel | 21/05/2010

a week not to remember


A week not to remember.

I feel sick today, but I don’t have a fever yet. I just feel sick… or maybe sad? emo?Again! Haha. 

Well, it has been a forgettable and tiring week. Plans were postponed and a lot of procrastination happened. A lot of negativity in my mind. hay buhay parang life. 

I planned to enroll in a swim club this week but was postponed.

No household and The Feast this week.

Tons of task at work left undone.

Project left unfinished.

Swimming this Saturday – hindi tuloy!

What a week.

Oh well, I think I just need some rest and a vacation this weekend. 

Recharge na! Lots of sleep. 🙂

When I got home earlier this evening, some words were lingering in my mind:

Like a falling leaf, I fly- 

down the abyss, thoughts swimming

like love doing backstroke, I sigh-

love is a butterfly, like tears in the night sky

in time, it will rest, it will fall

in time, in my patient palm.

still, blank stares in my eyes are full

of nothingness and is empty


I blink.

patience is a virtue.                   

Haha. Makes no sense. At least I felt better after I’ve written that. 🙂

A line in a song just popped out of my mind:

I am beautiful. I am blessed. I am forgiven…  by the mercy of God.


Hay. I should be positive and look at life at the good side. But honestly, it’s quite hard to do that sometimes. Haha. It sounds  negative again. Let me rephrase:

“It is generally easy to be positive in life but there are times, in rare occasions, that you can’t resist to be negative which is just normal. ”

  That’s better.Haha 🙂

Life is indeed a series of choices. Sometimes, life would give you something that you thought you can’t handle. But we must always hold on. Because there is Someone who will never leave us, would never abandon or forsake us, would always love and care for us. 

We have a big God. All we have to do is to choose Him.

May all of us have a nice weekend. Keep the faith. 🙂

(I have to eat my dinner now. My stomach is now growling.)

Hmm, I should write better next time.



  1. gO! kuya kiMm..nIce aKalain mO pOet ka pALa..hehehe(hinDi kasi haLata!)
    jUst cOntinUe ur wRittings..
    (my maRaraTing ka jAn!hehe)(“,)
    wAit ko ung nxt aBout sA LOVE!!dun nlng ako mgcOmment..hahaha

  2. ahhw, nice one friend.. CAN relate.. lol

    • haha. saan naman? sa not-so-nice na araw? 🙂

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