Posted by: kimmuel | 11/12/2010

My ‘The Spires’ Story

I was just an ordinary student lurking in the halls of San Beda and had just shifted from accountancy course when I saw an ad of The Bedan calling for applications for staff positions. As an avid fan of Spires (volume 45), I texted the contact person in the poster  and asked if I can submit entries for Spires which seems inactive during that time.

With some luck, Jio Pielago of The Bedan invited me to join the meeting of Spires which they were rebuilding. Through a series of meetings, I would meet Stephen Valera, Edge Mangahas and other members of The Bedan as well as some alumni of Spires like Ramon Jose and Willie Reyes.

As the two Spires’ alumni took the major role in forming the group and discussing plans for the new volume, fewer members attended the meetings until me and Stephen were the only ones left from the group. Sensing the urgency to have more people involved, we recruited Joanne Macavinta, Leigh Ganir, James Mapaye and Maurice Cruz into the group.

With Ramon Jose at the helm, we arranged the funding of the publication with the prefect of Student Affairs, Prof. Teresita Pedrajas and then Editor-in-Chief of The Bedan, Jd Pablo. Those where difficult times for us; you can hear loud voices in the office of the madam as evidence of her arguments with Ramon. Finally,  conflicts were settled and arrangements were in place. This event paved the way for the publication to be recognized again by the administration and formalize its independence from The Bedan.

After a hard time collecting contributions and sleepless nights in the presswork, we finally were able to publish a volume after two years of hiatus. Ramon Jose, although already graduated from the college, appeared as Editor-in-Chief with a new group and a revived name of the publication, The Spires, which was the original name dating back from 1956.

(end of part 1)

Part 2


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