Posted by: kimmuel | 09/12/2013

I Think I’m Getting Old

It’s been months since I posted something here. Welcome back myself! 🙂

I just wanted to frame these thoughts tonight.

I think I’m getting too serious lately. I don’t know exactly why but I think am really getting too serious about life and in my service particularly. There could be a lot of reasons, one could be the responsibilities I have, another is that I like to do things well and pressure myself. I now look on what must be done, what’s wrong with the situation and is everything is okay.

I really miss the old days when all I do is to crack jokes and tease people’s on their love life.

Maybe I should take things lightly and just enjoy the ride, find more positive things in situations and just trust Him in everything.  I need to smile more, regularly crack jokes and just take it easy.

Of course i know all of these, nakakakalimutan ko lang. 🙂

It’s be a wonderful weekend of service. May we bring back all the glory to you our Lord, my God.


Yes! i am move-move-moved by God!


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