Posted by: kimmuel | 14/06/2010

Simple Life


Last Sunday, I was rereading a book and came across these words:

“I believe that simplicity is having time and space to embrace what is most important to you.”

-Janet Luhr, The Simple Living Guide

In a blink, thousand thoughts ran in my mind.

Come to think of it, it’s a very ideal to live a simple life:

To have time to spend with family and friends..

To have time to play basketball every afternoon..

To read a book in a seashore with winds gently blowing the pages.. Haha!

It’s really nice to live a life in control of your time, doing things that you love while living a comfortable life with your family.

Oh, that’s the life I want to live!

But growing older and seeing each year past like a dream, visions like that seems harder to reach. And every year, reality gently sips in to my mindset. Yeah, I’ve realized now that my dreams are not easy to reach. It requires a lot of effort and will. Being rich is not easy and definitely not a walk-in-a-park, millions of people  have spent their entire lifetime in chasing great wealth but failed.

The point here is: it is not easy to achieve my “simple life”.

So how could I achieve it?

My simple answer is work hard, save big and spend small. Just live below my means.

But someday, I’d like to have a basketball team with my wife as the muse, I as the Coach and my kids as the players! Haha.   That dream seems unrealistic. If I have a big family, I must work big for my family’s welfare.. and I have to sacrifice big which means forgoing my “simple life.”

At the end of the day, life is still a series of choices you make.

And each choice has it own thrills and chills.

I can live my life being single, enjoying every fruits of my labor while  saving for my retirement.

What a comfortable life.

But would that make me happy and fulfilled? Maybe not.

A teenager guy who got his girlfriend pregnant and chose to forgo his dreams for the mean time to give his child a comfortable life is admirable. He could have a hard life but all his sweat for hard work is all worth it when he gets lots of love in return from his family, receiving hugs everyday. 🙂 He may not be living a comfortable life but he is so much happy and contented in life.

But a guy who walked away from his pregnant girlfriend (who later on would commit suicide or abort the life in her womb ) who chose to live a happy-go-lucky life will never be truly happy because his conscience haunts him every single day of his life.

There a saying that we have one life to spend and so living good and comfortable life is a must.

But I beg to disagree.

I think life is not about living well.

Yeah, it’s a good choice to live a comfortable, well-lived life.

But life should not be measured by how well you have lived,

but with how much have loved,

because life is about love.

And indeed, only in loving,

we are truly alive.

So too much planning for the future is not good as well as

Too much savings for retirement..

Enjoy every moment of life.


Take chances.

Easy lang.




  1. Most people want to live a simple life. But no matter how one tries too live a simple life one just can’t. Life is really never simple. It’s complex with problems, worries, pains, or sadness which may concern one’s past, present or future. A person may choose to have a simple life but in the end why can’t that person have that kind of life? That is because it is not solely up to us what life we will live. It will also depend upon the plan God has for us. I don’t believe that we solely choose what our life will be. At some point, some stages of our life are already predestined.

  2. hhmm. i agree. pero 10% lang daw iyon ng buhay ayon sa isang author. hehe It’s better to call it God’s plan than destiny right? 🙂

  3. I guess it varies. Do you really think it applies uniformly to all? hehe., But I am not referring to the common term destiny. Its Predestination, which is a religious word.

  4. waw. good point. napapaisip ako ah. I guess you’re right, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ in life. Oh well, life is really a mystery. Predestination? I googgled the word and read some articles. Haha. We cannot apply predestination to own lives, it only applies to the wholemankind, in regards to our salvation and God’s plan.

  5. I don’t understand. Are we not included in the term whole mankind? Could you please expound on this? hehe

    Anyway predestination seems to involve a lot of conflicting theories which we cannot fully discuss not unless we give considerable amount of time to study it. On my bird’s eye view of understanding the term I cannot say that I fully agree on this. What I am only agreeing at, is the point that SOME stages of our life are already predestined. Like birth and death.

  6. Yes we are, but the term applies only to the mankind as a whole, not on each individual person. =)

  7. but comprises mankind? isn’t it the individual itself. para lang yang pera.. hindi mabubuo ang 20 pesos kung walang piso.. Its logically correct to say that when a specific thing applies to the mankind then it applies to each and every individual. coz it is the individual that comprises the whole.

  8. but what comprises mankind? isn’t it the individual itself. para lang yang pera.. hindi mabubuo ang 20 pesos kung walang piso.. Its logically correct to say that when a specific thing applies to the mankind then it applies to each and every individual. coz it is the individual that comprises the whole.

  9. Yes, it is true what comprises mankind is each and everyone of us. But the point is, predestination only applies to the group and not to the individual.

    Predestiny points that God’s plan for the mankind is eternal salvation, to be saved from our sins.
    An evidence is Jesus who died in the cross for us. This event is predestined for us, not for Judas, not for Mary but for the whole mindkind. This is what predestiny means in the context as a religious term. Hence, you cannot apply the religious term for an individual.

  10. Many words in the bible are used to mean different things in different contexts.

    Most Christians think predestination is in regards salvation only, but as the verses show, salvation is not even mentioned.

    Predestination (also linked with foreknowledge) is a religious concept, which involves the relationship between God and His creation. God may see the past, present, and future. If God in some sense knows ahead of time what will happen, then events in the universe are effectively predetermined from God’s point of view.

    Salvation its given by God to ALL MANDKIND. To each and everyone of us who composes that MANKIND. I am not trying to say that salvation is only or applies only for one individual what I am trying to point out is the form of predestination not as salvation per se but the ability of God to predetermine the events in the Universe. These predetermined events varies per person.

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