Posted by: kimmuel | 28/08/2011

Julie Ann San Jose

I saw this video in facebook shared by a brother in SFC. Instantly, I was amazed by this performance of Julie Ann San Jose. I have been seeing this girl in duets with Elmo at SOP but didn’t really recognize how talented she is. I mean, this girl should be given more exposure by GMA. Her talent is really amazing. Her voice is really up there at par with international artists. She might be the next Charice! I think she should sing more of fast and modern songs, not the usual “birit” songs.

I believe in her talent. Given the right exposure and focus, she could be an international artist someday. With her voice, passion and pretty face, I think it’s achievable. Give her a year or two.

I really admire how she sings, full of passion and I can easily see that she enjoys what she’s doing. Really great talent. A great manifestation of a gift from God. You’ll remember how beautiful life is with this kind of performance.

I hope I could sing like that! But it’s really not my gift, I’d be contented with the average singing if ever I’ll reach that level. 🙂
Take note, my voice is for bathroom only. Haha!

Without further ado, let’s see this super wonderful great fantastic performances. Not one but two!

(Above is the one I saw in Facebook, while below is a result of further research.)

Oh I love her! Hehe 🙂




  1. she has a new video, this time she do a cover of Look at Me Now by Chris Brown:

  2. I love her too 🙂 Watch her newest video of Look at me now, thank you for this awesome write-up!

    • so good and cute! hehe 🙂

  3. Superb talent not to mention that she’s also a nice person…..I love her too
    she has a website (
    I think she needs to read this..aha

    • oo nga eh, sana mabasa.. teka ang laki pala ng age gap namin hehe 🙂

      • Ahahaha! Yun talaga yung napansin mo…
        okay lang yan..aha

  4. dami talga tagahanga ni julie anne! 🙂

    Sana pagkaroon xa ng concert, hoping producers will have the courage to give her such great project like concerts. kung magyayari yun. I’ll gonna watch her!!

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