Posted by: kimmuel | 05/06/2010

ramdom thoughts.


It’s been a tough week as usual.

Most of my time was spent at work and facebook-ing. Haha. I have no real social life. =(

This time, I would not write about personal happenings for the past week. There’s nothing much to share and this blog is becoming so emo lately. A friend of mine even told me that when she read this blog, she felt sad.  Haha. Yeah, most of the time, I write when I am sad or lonely. Hey, it’s just logical. I can’t waste my time writing when I’m happy. I’d rather plunge to the happy moment and enjoy myself more than to immortalize the moment.

But, it’s a different case when I have a thought that I badly want to share or preserve.

Basta ganun yun. Haha

Anyways, the blog for today is not about that. It’s about some my random thoughts this past week.

And here they are:

*I can’t imagine how’s our life is going to be when my sister leaves home for good. Lalagay na siya sa tahimik. I will miss her. Well, that’s life. I must be able to embrace the changes that will happen in years to come. so sad.

* Time flies fast. It seems to be faster every day. Hay, I want more time to spend.

*I hate some decisions of Noynoy Aquino. smoking. not staying in the palace. Boy Abunda, Ogie Alcasid and Dingdong Dantes as Cabinet Secretaries. I’ll do a seperate article for this. ( haha. Dami ko na utang na articles.)

*It’s not a good idea to use condoms versus over-popullation. (again, more on this next time)

*I envy a lot of friends for their decisions regarding their career path. Hmm, I’m still in dilemma. I hope I could decide soon. I’m thinking to take the CFA exam or enroll in an MBA degree. Or, I could be businessman first. I am still contemplating if I am in my right field, although my work still gives me some fullfillment. I could also be a programmer, which I really like. Maybe an artista. why not?Haha. Kapal.

* My blog is getting a lot of hits now. 400! Thanks to my marketing. Haha. I’ve been promoting this blog for quite sometime to some friends. But really, I don’t  want this to be too public. So please readers, please ask me first before sharing this blog to others.

*Two weeks absence in SFC. Tsk. I’ll be back next week, promise.

*I have to be more conscious now in my grammar. I haven’t done any proofread to some of my articles although I use the proofread button here. Hay. Again, forgive me for my views and grammar. (please see About)

I have to go now. I have to go home to Bulacan and it’s getting too late. Vacation muna from internet for few days…

And a lot of rest.

May all of us have a nice weekend!

God bless.   🙂



  1. masarap mag sulat pag nag-eemo…:) madaming emotions..hehe miss you kuya kimm…

    • haha.. ndi ako emo nu.. 🙂

      onga, masarap magsulat. mag wordpress ka na din . Hehe

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