Posted by: kimmuel | 10/08/2010


I have been pondering on this topic for quite sometime now and I am still undecided which stand I will take. (As if it would matter to anyone, haha!)

But seriously, just out of curiosity and usual wandering of mind, what is the better choice? My heart keeps on telling me to go against divorce but my mind keeps on reminding me the practicality and logic of it.

Oh well. This is the fault of Kris Aquino and James Yap issue! Tsk tsk! 🙂

Hay. I just think the country is leaning towards enacting divorce as a law. Maybe just few years from now. Just look at the people around, the celebrities and those people dear to us, they seem like the divorce idea.

It’s quite usual in our society now that husbands and wives cheat each other. I know a lot of people who cheated their partners, and only it’s only because of their kids that they are together.

And I also believe that sometime in our life, we had wrong choices that would affect the rest of our lives. Divorce is like a chance to do things better – like a second chance, a savior.

Uh, we all deserve to be happy.

With almost every nation has this law, and why can’t we? I am sure all their lawmakers considered all the pros and cons of this issue anyway.

It is now obvious in our society the rampant toying of the annulment and it is almost a common knowledge to us that it can be bought as long as you could pay the price, and if you can’t afford the legal process, you can always settle or live-in with your partner without any hassle. (unless your legal partner sues you!)

But my idealistic, angelic, kind-hearted heart tells me otherwise. 🙂

Family is the basic foundation of the society. And if we allow divorce as a legal “maso” to that foundation, sooner or later, society will fall. We all know the negative result of a broken family. No one could question that.

Yeah, it is so idealistic. But can’t we aim for the best? Can’t we make an action to protect that foundation? Anyways, if marriage will not really work, at least the our laws still encourage building the marriage or the relationship. We can still expect the partner to work it out the best they can. But if things really cannot be fixed, there is legal separation. It just that the government does not encourages it because there’s a sad penalty – you cannot legally marry again!

I just think that divorce is an escape goat for partners, and it enables them not to value their choice of a spouse, because the can run away anytime. Maybe more families will broken and so as the society if there is divorce.

At present, the government encourages us to value our choice of a lifetime partner. It makes us search and do our best to find our soul-mate because we only have one choice of a spouse in this lifetime. Oh, this makes the union special, sacred and spiritual. It encourages us to build the relationship with our partners with our very best even in the darkest alleys of our married life.

Because true love starts when love ends.

Hmm, there is actually divorce in the bible but interpreted differently by Christian religions…

But ultimately, if we still believe the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding this issue, we should abide.

I just think that the best choice is a society without divorce.

But would be sad for those who had bad choices.

Well, we have few big choices in this life and choosing who to marry is one of those.

Anyways, whatever our choices are, we should always make the best out of it.

Choose wisely.

Good luck to us! 🙂



  1. did you vote for obama? be honest

    • nope. hehe

  2. i’m still against divorce coz it would go against the sanctity of marriage.

    • same here! 🙂

  3. I am definitely against divorce! Marriage is a decision of a lifetime….I agree that we really need to make a sound choice before getting married. Making sure that we’ll still be able to love when our partner becomes unlovable or difficult at some point in time.

    • yep! same here!

  4. Kimmy?got my text message? astig ng blog mo ah! just in time, sabi ni God, “I agree with Kimm”. ahaha!

  5. Wahnsinn Maiku

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