Posted by: kimmuel | 25/04/2011

1st Anniversary!

I have been blogging for few years now but it wasn’t like every day or even every month. I had few other blogs in other hosting sites but I have failed to update them regularly – except this one.

I created this wordpress account way back in 2007 but didn’t really post anything until March 2010. Yeah, I should have celebrated the anniversary of this site two months ago. Haha!

I really don’t know the birthday of this site. Should it be the day I created my account? or the day I first posted an article? But I am too lazy to look it up in this site. Haha! First few post were all poems anyway, it wasn’t really blogging.

I have a lot of excuses.

So to make things clear, I will mark this day as the first birthday of this blog. ( no one could contest, this site is mine anyways. Haha!)

April 25, 2011

Happy First Birthday Dreamland!

So, what had happened in the past year? It’s kinda nice to look back in this site. A lot of memories and thoughts come to my mind. This site is like my online diary open to all!

“parang karinderiang laging bukas sa lahat ng kakain.” 🙂

Thanks for all the people who are still reading my posts, you make me write more and share more!

I just hope that this blog still brings out something good in me.

I look forward to dreaming more, in my dreamland.

God Bless!


Fight Camp 360 PACQUIAO vs MOSLEY!




  1. just keep blooging bro… congrats for you anniversary. I am looking forward for more great post…. God bless

  2. thanks berl! 🙂

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