Posted by: kimmuel | 15/09/2010


I am learning that success is an everyday effort. Success is a habit.

It’s been a habit of mine to be negative sometimes. I mean, I am positive today and then negative the next day, then positive again. Haha. I can’t seem to stand my ground, anything that is negative enough to make my  day bad has always been successful. The bad thing is: I am like a spiral or a black-hole of emotions that when I am down, it sucks me real down way below the lowest point. Haha. But when I am so positive, I am flying up there higher that the highest clouds. 🙂

Oh, well that’s me. At least for now. But I must change that habit.

So to help me to reach that goal, I plan to post here not just personal stuffs but also any “positive” article, video or picture that interests me. Anyway, I already shared some positive posts here. You can interpret the crosses in the name of the blog as positivity. 🙂

Let this blog be my source of positive thoughts, a better +dreamland+.

First stop:


“Wealth is measured by how thankful you are.”

Thanks 🙂



  1. feeling mo naman bipolar ka? haha

    • ndi naman. hehe

  2. hehe.. almost palang daw leonati ..

    i guess having bad and postive emotions are all part of life. You can’t be happy always. There’ll always be problem/challenges that God will give you. It’ll all depend on how you look at it. But at the end of day even though you feel bad at least you learned something new. Something you could improve on…. 🙂 Cheers.. hehe

    • oo nga, pero it’s a good thing to control your feelings most of the time, though being negative sometimes is not entirely bad. cheers? 🙂

  3. I believed in law of attraction, kung negative ang iniisip mo.. definitely magiging negative ang result.. pero kapag positive.. talagang super positive to the highest level.. apir*

    • naniniwala din ako dyan. hehe. kapag puro lakwatsa iniisip mo, for sure maglalakwatsa ka. =) apir! 🙂

  4. This amusing message

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