Posted by: kimmuel | 15/08/2011


I was already writing my post for PEBA contest when I suddenly lost my desire to complete it.  I just can’t figure out how to finish that article. Another pending article is about the blessings I received this past two weeks. I’ll again postpone that. 🙂

So, just to have a post here (It’s Monday – my weekly blog day), I’ll post a poem from my dusty personal files.

This poem was published in BES Alert ( Bedan Ecological Society Newsletter), of which I was member.

Please read on.

Can you kill your mother?

your life, my life, our life
it is not apart. it is one.
binded, shackled, linked
by one water, one air, one sun.

kill me. execute me – commit suicide.
gradually or swiftly, it doesn’t matter son
love me or kill me, it’s yours to decide.
Life or suicide? Darkness or sun?

slash me. shave me. bald me.
my curves, my breast, my totality
denude me, abuse me and rape me.
slay me gently, raze my virginity

do whatever you want.
I am yours, you are free
just remember, bear this in mind
I am your mother, we are one.

I love nature! I have been to Coron, Palawan and I think it is one the most beautiful places in the Philippines. Those twin lagoons, green waters and powdery-white sand are just sooooooooo awesome!

Beautiful. 🙂

So let’s save Palawan and other key diversity sites!

sign up here:

Go Daryl! (my friend from Puerto Princesa)


God Bless!



  1. nice kimmy! i LOVE Palawan too,been there last week..sobrang ganda.. =)

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