Posted by: kimmuel | 27/04/2012

Come Again


This is a late post, so late.

First week of January of this year, I went to a vacation. Not so grand vacation, it was just a few days leave from work. Together with my office mates, we went to CDO-Camiguin… And I feel rusty in typing these lines.. I feel so robotic and it seems I am not used to writing posts for my blog. Whew. Maybe, I am really losing it…

I think I need to manage my time better so I can post a weekly article here, so that my pen wouldn’t lose ink and continue to flow like a river. So many things to do!

So back to the topic. I wouldn’t tell much of our journey there, where we went, how the city and what we rode, how many days.. I just don’t feel like telling it. I would just focus on some thoughts.

Camiguin Island is awesome!

I really love the place. It is just a small island where you have a whole island tour in a day! What I love the most is its rivers and springs. I just love the clear waters flowing, maybe because the rivers in my hometown are dead and dirty. You can die swimming there But in Camiguin, waters are clear and cold. It was really amazing to see that we still have those kind of rivers in the country. Thank God! Really beautiful. Well, by the way, it was not my first time swimming in rivers. My first time was in Bacolod but that river there is not so clean compared to Camiguin. I will be back Soda spring, cold spring and hot spring! ( I think coron’s hot spring is better because it is really hot, while in Camiguin it wasn’t that hot. You just have to look for spots and you’ll love it.)

CDO White Water Rafting is extreme sports. Love it!

I did not fall off the raft. Boring. Well, we just had the basic course and I was at the back so I guess the waves had lesser impact on me. But the experience was great and it was saddening  that Cagayan River has damages because of the typhoon, and so the route of the course was a  lesser version of the original. All in all. It was a great experience. You can really feel the adrenalin rush when banging with the waves!

Bukidnon Dahilayan Zip Line

It was my first time and it feels great. It’s not so scary, it’s more on the scenery and enjoyment side. Really nice because you can see the beauty of the place and great feeling of winds blowing. It feels like flying.

Therefore! This blog is now a travel blog! Haha, I should write more on these kind of stuff and less emo. Impale that habit of feeling emo! (sadness) Kill them! Haha 🙂

Word of the post: Impale

Next travel blog: Bohol!


PS: It’s vacation time in grad school but still busy at a lot of things! I’m getting used to it actually. 

God Bless! 🙂


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