Posted by: kimmuel | 20/06/2011


My mind is full of thoughts, rushing back and forth, but I can’t translate them in words that could transcend into futile whispers to the air. Like the sun-kissed leaves, that float into the moist air, this post is going nowhere – meaningless.

It’s been a tiring week. I am not in the mood to share things, and I am quite not in the mood to blog as well. Today is Monday so it’s really my blogging day. I have to write, I have to write.

I have a BIG problem:

My niece is growing up not knowing me. She really knows me but we’re not that close. Yes, I can play with her and she even kisses me at times. But the problem is she’s not really at ease with me. We have a bonding time earlier, it was almost an hour. Then she just got tired with me. She cried and looked for her dad. well, that the consequence of being at home only a day in a week.

This is a preview of things to come. I should have more control of my time someday.

Remember the Operating System of the Universe:

What you plant, is what you reap.

I’ve reading new books recently courtesy of THE TRULY RICH CLUB. I am planning to have book reviews here soon. I love to read – I eat books, crunch them into pieces but I leave the plastic covers. I can’t digest them. πŸ™‚

“I don’t read to learn, I read to become.” – one of my favorite quotes! all time!

Okay, enough of this.

Let’s end this sweet cold night with one of my favorite song:

ciao! πŸ™‚



  1. Naku Kimmy.. I know the pamangkins are like that before, kapag umuuwi ako sa bahay halos di nila ako kilala so I decided na wag na magdorm…too bad malayo ang Bulacan sa Makati para gawin mo yun everyday.

  2. β€œI don’t read to learn, I read to become.”


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