Posted by: kimmuel | 06/06/2010

Condom versus Over-population

I am paying one of my debts now. 🙂

Last Saturday, I met with some of my college friends to receive a padala from our friend in Canada and to celebrate Daryl’s birthday.

Oh we had a great time.

It’s has been a while since we last met as a group and it seems that all of us are getting older, more matured and heavier. (especially ____ ) Haha.

Indeed time flies so fast and as years pile up in our age column, topics in our conversations became more serious and boring. ( if I would look at it from few years back)

One topic is about the program of DOH distributing condoms as a solution against our ballooning population. Three of my friends are in favor of the program while I was the only one that is against it. We debated for a long time before we got tired of it, but no one conceded that he was wrong. Haha.

Me? I stood my ground because of my belief.

I doubted that it was the best solution.

This is because of the following reasons:

*Condom will promote more sex, even sex outside marriage. And I doubt the efficiency and effectiveness of the program. They could give 10 condoms to a guy and use it in a week. But how about for the rest of the year? Guys could have it free from the health center but would you think that they would have the guts to ask for it every week? What if the guy was “out of stock”? Do you think he would run in the middle of the night (maybe already naked :)..) and ask for it?Nah.

And it’s not 100%. They could remove it in a spit-second for a better experience. Haha

Funny scenarios. But really, I don’t think it is a good decision for the government to promote condoms.

* I am for education and other means of family planning. Like for example, subsidize sterilization (ligation/vasectomy). The government could go to communities and offer it for free. And it should come with extensive education to eliminate fear from this method. Yeah, it’s expensive. But the advantage is the long-term benefit,  so it is much cheaper if you will spread the cost. It is also more effective.

My mom had ligation when she already had five children, so I’m quite bias. Haha!

*  Offering sterilization is like doing the decision-making process for the public. Let us admit it, we fail in the aspect in the decision-making because of lack of education. And they are people out there that no matter how many condom you would give them, how much money would spend to inform them, they would still not use it and make a lot of babies that they couldn’t feed. Our resources are ever shrinking.

So it’s better for the government to decide for their own good with their consent of course.

It is like doing a decision for a drunkard. Pagpasensyahan mo na lang, wag patulan.

What do you think people? ( You could vote in the poll here.)

I feel I am quite open-minded so would admit if I am really wrong.

Okay, time to sleep.

May all of us have good night 🙂

***please note that I am not against promoting condom as to prevent HIV.  I have not researched well on this topic so you can correct me if I am wrong regarding some facts here. 🙂



  1. condoms nor vasectomy might not work as well,, why? Guys wont easily give in for the operation nor use the contraceptives…nawawala daw kasi pagkalalake nila,, ewan ko senyong mga guys!!

    kim,,mukhang madami k na alam ah,, meron ka pa nalalaman “for a better experience.” hehe..

    • haha. dati ba wala?wala namang nagbago =)

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